Butterfly gas stove

In India, the Butterfly gas stove is a well-known brand. Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stove has a high-quality design that makes cooking a breeze. You also receive a high-quality, dependable gas stove at a reasonable price. Regarding gas stove reviews, it is one of the most trusted brands in Indian homes.

Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stoves

With the Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stove, you can be confident you’re spending your money wisely. The three variants of Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stoves are followed according to the number of burners.

All these models offer top-in-class Smart Glass Top Gas Stoves features, so it is fairly easy to select the gas stove of your choice. Just look at the number of brass burners available and your requirements.

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Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove Review

The Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove has quickly become a popular choice among households for its sleek design and high thermal efficiency.

This gas stove is manufactured by Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited and offers both reliability and affordability. With its spill-proof design and 360-degree revolving back nozzle, it ensures convenience and ease of use.

Featuring two heating elements and a knob control system, users can adjust the flame intensity according to their cooking needs. While some customers have provided feedback for improvement, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove remains a value-for-money product with a competitive price point.


Number of Burners

The Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove boasts two powerful burners, making it a versatile and efficient cooking appliance.

With two heating elements, users can cook multiple dishes simultaneously, saving time and effort in the kitchen. Each burner is designed with an open flame, providing even heat distribution for consistent cooking results.

The stove’s high thermal efficiency ensures that food is cooked quickly and efficiently, while the spill-proof design prevents any messes or accidents. The 360-degree revolving back nozzle allows for easy installation and flexibility in positioning the stove.

Whether you’re cooking for a small gathering or a large family, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove provides the functionality and convenience needed for a seamless cooking experience.

Control Type

The Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove features a knob control type, providing users with easy and precise temperature adjustments for their cooking needs.

With this control type, users can conveniently turn the knobs to increase or decrease the flame intensity, allowing for accurate cooking results. The knobs are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that users can easily select the desired heat level for different cooking tasks.

This control type also ensures that the stove is easy to operate, making it suitable for individuals of all cooking skill levels. Whether you need to simmer, boil, or fry, the knob control type of the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove ensures full control over the heat output, allowing you to achieve perfect culinary results every time.

Material Used

The Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove uses high-quality glass, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. The glass material used in constructing this gas stove is of superior quality, making it resistant to cracks and scratches.

This adds to the product’s longevity and enhances its aesthetic appeal. The glass material also has the advantage of being easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

The use of glass gives the stove a modern and stylish look that can complement any kitchen decor. Overall, the choice of glass material in the construction of the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove provides functionality and elegance to the user, making it a desirable addition to any kitchen.

Spill-Proof Design

Continuing the discussion on the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove’s features, its spill-proof design ensures a mess-free cooking experience. The stove has a high-quality glass cooktop that prevents spills or drips from seeping into the burner area.

This makes cleaning a breeze and eliminates the risk of any accidents caused by flammable liquids. The spill-proof design particularly benefits those who frequently cook with liquids or sauces that tend to splatter. With this feature, users can confidently cook without worrying about the hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

The Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove’s spill-proof design truly enhances the overall cooking experience, offering users convenience and peace of mind.

High Thermal Efficiency

With its high thermal efficiency, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove maximizes heat distribution and ensures optimal cooking performance.

This feature allows for faster and more efficient cooking, saving time and energy. The stove is designed to deliver heat evenly across the entire cooking surface, ensuring that food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

This is particularly important for dishes that require precise temperature control, such as stir-fries and delicate sauces. The high thermal efficiency also means less heat is wasted, resulting in lower gas consumption and reduced energy bills.

The stove’s efficient heating capabilities suit various cooking methods, including simmering, boiling, and frying.

Compact Dimensions

Building upon its high thermal efficiency, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove’s compact dimensions make it a versatile and space-saving addition to any kitchen.

With dimensions of 60D x 32W x 10H centimetres, this gas stove is designed to fit perfectly in small kitchens or areas with limited countertop space.

Its sleek and slim profile allows for easy installation and provides a modern aesthetic to the kitchen. Despite its compact size, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove doesn’t compromise on functionality.

It features two heating elements and a spill-proof design, ensuring efficient cooking while minimizing mess and accidents. The 360-degree revolving back nozzle adds convenience and flexibility to the cooking experience.

Whether you have a small apartment or a cozy kitchen, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove’s compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for those looking to optimize space without sacrificing performance.


  1. Spill-proof design
  2. High thermal efficiency
  3. 360-degree revolving back nozzle
  4. Sleek and compact design


  1. The vessel could be stronger.
  2. The burner size could be better.

Despite these drawbacks, the Butterfly Rapid 2B Gas Stove still offers many advantages and is a value-for-money product.

What makes it the Best Gas Stove in India?

If you want a gas stove that will help you save time and energy in the kitchen, the Butterfly Smart Glass Top is perfect.

These Butterfly gas stoves contain high-quality burners that range in size from tiny to large, allowing you to regulate your cooking needs adequately. The sleek burner provides a modern touch to your kitchen and allows for quick cooking.

Butterfly smart glass top gas stoves feature an easy-to-use smart lock pan support and spill tray, ensuring your kitchen convenience.

The Smart Lock pan feature will serve you well if you want to ensure more stability while cooking. Your culinary utensils will no longer wobble because the spill trays have almost locked together, boosting stability.

It’s no longer necessary to spend hours cleaning badly rusted spill pans. The Smart Gas stove’s stainless steel spill trays are rust-resistant and low-maintenance. This one-of-a-kind feature aids in cleaning efficiency.

Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stove
Butterfly Gas Stove

The Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stoves burners are made of brass. These brass burners enable even heat distribution, which aids in optimal cooking procedures.

Because brass has high thermal efficiency, it retains heat well during cooking. Don’t get too worked up if your dishes require much time. The panels of this appliance are flame-retardant, you may now stand in front of your gas stove and cook to your heart’s content.

The gas stove’s support legs provide stability as well as heat efficiency. Heat resistance is provided by the polymer legs, which improve efficiency. The use of powder-coated pan supports extends the product’s life. Because this coating is scratch-resistant and non-reactive, it is useful during cooking, increasing efficiency.

Which 2, 3, or 4-burner Gas Stove should you buy?

All these Butterfly Glass Top Gas Stoves offer great features and usability in your kitchen. The 2-burner Butterfly Gas Stove is the most economical in the Gas Stove segment.

It consumes less fuel and is excellent for a household of two or three people. You can conveniently cook two dishes at the same time.

For medium-sized families, the 3-burner Butterfly gas stove is the best fit.

Also, it is the bestselling gas stove in India and an excellent solution for your kitchen at a reasonable price. However, if you have more budget, you can opt for 4-burner Butterfly Gas Stove. It combines utility with aesthetic appearance.

If you have a large family and want to do multitasking in your kitchen, 4-burner butterfly Gas stove will be an asset for you. It offers faster cooking with minimal efforts.


Butterfly gas stoves are a great addition to our kitchen. A toughened and spill-proof glass top has been included in the design. Because the burners are constructed of brass, they are extremely efficient.

The butterfly gas stove knobs have a unique design and are very easy to use. Its glass top design is easy to clean and offers a luxury appeal to the kitchen. It also includes pan supports that are specially intended to keep the containers from toppling over.

Advanced safety design, shatter-resistant glass, and greater aesthetics are just a few of the benefits of the Butterfly glass top stove.

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