Designing a beautiful kitchen for ultra-modern houses

Designing a beautiful kitchen for ultra-modern houses

This article is about Designing a beautiful kitchen for ultra-modern houses. The kitchen isn’t confined to cooking, but it’s a symbol that shows love, care, compassion, and concern for your loved ones. It is the place where millions of feelings and emotions are attached. Think over it, what could be more perfect than a summer night spent with family and a group of friends chatting lively about good old times.


As much as it’s important to have a kitchen in the house, having a proper color palette holds an equal share. The color scheme is an important part of the kitchen due to the fact that colors can affect your mood greatly. Colors can be cunning and wicked as they have the power over you to make you feel what they want you to feel- sad, happy, depressed, or jumping with happiness.  Also, colors can bring up memories right from the past. Has it appeared to you while looking at a specific color, you can’t help but correlate your past experiences and events.

Designing a beautiful kitchen for ultra-modern houses

Ultra-modern houses and their beautiful architecture, which is sure to leave you amazed, is what best explains the modern and ever-changing era we’re living in. From houses made of glass to creative all-brick old-shack designs; from the vibrant color contrasting palette to a one-color solid theme; from somber-looking windows and light honey-washed walls to lavish-looking extravagant house, there’s a wide range of architecture, outlook, and interior which matches your style just about perfect.

kitchen for ultra modern houses

The most intriguing part of getting your house built is the kitchen and the area which encompasses it. The kitchen nurtures you, lets you prepare delicious meals, and lets you stock away all the sweet dark fantasies hidden in the cabinets and fridge. This is why there has been no such house without a kitchen installed in it. Everything has a reason, you see.

However, when we talk about the kitchen, it isn’t the only thing that is important. The kitchen has several aspects which need to be adequately considered. Kitchen accessories, cabinets, color schemes, kitchen sink faucets, drawers, furniture, architecture, and so on.

Kitchen Cabinets

The question might be keeping you awake at night. Ruining your sleep, and the peace of mind. However, by the end of the post, you will be able to count yourself among the kitchen cabinet design expert. You got to trust me with this. Oak cabinets are most suitable to use. Hence, the following is the list of oak cabinets that can help you decide the one you want. Without further delay, let’s get into the details.

Cabinets also add up to be an essential part of a kitchen if you’re the type of person who stores all the groceries in the kitchen. Keeping groceries isn’t the only reason we get cabinets installed. You might have noticed a spare or two cabinets that remain empty all the time. Hence, storing isn’t the only reason we get cabinets built, style and a complete look of a kitchen is also a factor.

The cabinets should have different positions and styles. They can either be built underneath the countertop or sticking up against the wall for frequent use. If your countertop is built right in the middle of the kitchen, there’s a lot of space for cupboards and drawers to be built within it, accordingly. If the countertop is placed to run along the kitchen wall, the right position for the cabinets should be up against the walls.

It all depends on your kitchen interior, architecture, theme, needs, and choices. If you want your kitchen to have an extra-fancy look, go for vertically sliding cabinets that are built either within the countertop, drawers, or separately.

Why Oak Wood Cabinets are best?

Oakwood kitchen cabinet design lets you have durable cabinets. The oak material is water-resistant. While the ordinary wood soaks in all the moisture and swells, oak wood works as a slippery base for water which prevents the moisture and water from getting within the wood. Hence, the oakwood cabinets are durable and sturdy. The oak wood cabinets can come in shades of honey, red, and white.

The oakwood kitchen cabinet design has vertical lines with hues of light honey, white or red. It entirely depends on you. All three colors look beautiful. The design has a big square made on the base of the cabinet. Another common design is a plain one, with nothing but plan cabinets with smooth, vertical lines visible of the original oak material.

Beige or light honey oak wood cabinets are made with a simple outlook, having hints and patches of dark wood vertical lines, a delicate wooden handle attached. The theme which goes along with the light shade of oakwood includes a cream-colored marble countertop, beige brick-style walls, and delicate furniture. This theme can provide you with a classic-looking kitchen. This is the least common theme. Those who have exceptional taste in kitchen cabinet design go for this theme.

Red oakwood cabinets usually have borders of oakwood, with glass opening. The handles are small circular-shaped. The theme which goes with red oakwood cabinets is beige walls, grey marble countertop with wooden furniture. Red oakwood theme is the most common style, hence preferred by many. It’s a go-to theme when you don’t want to waste your time by thinking out of the box.

Dark oakwood can be paired with a black countertop, white walls, metallic cabinet handles, and black kitchen appliances. This theme gives an ultra-modern look.

Kitchen Trolley

A kitchen trolley is a food-serving cart that is used to showcase and flaunt your skills in the kitchen. Kitchen trolleys are easy to move with a high portability ratio, lightweight, and sturdy. However, the degree of being sturdy depends upon the style you’re opting for. If you want a delicate-looking, sleek old-style trolley, then sturdy it being sturdy shouldn’t concern you.

kitchen trolley

There are various kitchen trolley designs; some are listed below for assistance. Have a look!

Metallic- Black Kitchen Trolley Design is among the ultra-modern looks that you need for your kitchen or dining room. The black kitchen trolley design includes thin, extra sleek arms, tiny wheels, and a  tinted black tray made up of sturdy glass.

The body might not be sturdy; however, the glass is.

Gold- Delicate Kitchen Trolley Design is yet another delicate-looking trolley. Its artistic looks and sleek slender arms make it stand out. You’re sure to get countless compliments from your friends and family. However, it’s on the delicate side, hence, not sturdy.

A neutral color- Light Weight Trolley Design is the one you want for your kitchen to store vegetables. This one’s sturdy and basic-looking. However, this kind of trolley isn’t for you to display delicious food before the guests. Keep it for the kitchen purpose only.

Wooden Kitchen Trolley Design has two wooden slabs, one at the upper position, whereas, the other one at the bottom. The two compartments have enough space to serve 3-4 food dishes. This is a sturdy piece that has a long extended life as well as the look which levels up your interior game.

White- Circular Kitchen Trolley Design is a unique one. This outlook of the trolley is white while the upper and bottom compartment is made up of light-honey colored wood. This trolley isn’t much sturdy due to its small size and circular shape. The portability ratio is high as it moves easily with the help of tiny black wheels and can be fit in compact places as well.

Kitchen sink faucets

Kitchen sink faucets have the power to entirely transform your kitchen from level 0 to 100 real quick. The kitchen sink faucets have a wide range of styles that can match your taste and style. A basic kitchen can be transformed into a modern-looking one by selecting a fancy faucet. Following are the famous styles that have marked their presence as the most preferred ones for kitchen interior ideas.

kitchen sink faucet

The pull-down-style kitchen sink faucet gives a fancy vibe to your kitchen. The color ranges from silver, back, golden, or beige. The pull-up/down provides a hot/cold option. Installation is quite easy. The pull-down style kitchen sink faucets complement dark-colored kitchen themes.

Bronze- classy kitchen sink faucet style gives your kitchen an old-style look. This outlook has proved to be a classic, dating back to the 50s style. However, this style is not everyone’s cup of tea due to its bronze, old look. Its installation is easy and provides hot/cold water options. The old-style themed kitchen works best with old-style faucets.

The motion-sensor kitchen sink faucet is a new technology that opens and closes on sensing motion. The movement of the hand close to the faucet starts the water flow. The two sensors are placed at the top and bottom of the faucet. Hence, enabling quick and precise water control. This adds up to your kitchen architecture and interior. This style can work with any theme, modern or basic. Most commonly, the motion sensor faucets are installed in ultra-modern kitchens and themes.

The dual spray kitchen sink faucet isn’t something new; however, this function is on the fancier side. The dual spray function faucet includes a powerful water stream and a soft subtle spray. The functions are enabled by pulling the handle either right, left, up, or down. It comes differently with each model and company. Such style increases the functionality of your kitchen and can work with any kitchen theme.

The three-function spray kitchen sink faucet includes three functions. Powerful stream for filling the sink, spray for rinsing and pause function to avoid splashing. This is a modern-looking faucet with modern functions. Suits best with ultra-modern kitchen interiors.

Kitchen floor mats

Kitchen floor mats have been in the market since the beginning of time. You might have noticed in old movies as well as the latest ones. A floor mat is an important accessory to add up to your kitchen. Are you wondering why? Allow me to explain.

Have you ever tripped in the kitchen? Or nearly tripper? I can feel the mini-heart attack you might have felt too. Working in the kitchen can be tricky due to the fact that kitchen errands involve water. If the water is on the floor, and the slippers you’re wearing do not have much grip, you’re sure to have your front teeth knocked off if the fall is too serious. You never know.

kitchen floor mat

Hence, kitchen floor mats save you from any unpleasant situation. Following is the list of kitchen mats you need for your safety as well as style. There are numerous color shades that match your kitchen floor mat with the entire kitchen theme and interior. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Blue-colored kitchen floor mats go well with wooden floor and brown theme. This is a celeb when it comes to style. Also, make sure to have an anti-slip mat for your kitchen to avoid any incident. I did give you an idea about which color theme you should go with; however, having a mat with non-slip rubbers and extra water-absorbent material is the factor you need to look at besides style.

Boho’s design kitchen floor mat makes a win-win situation when your kitchen is a basic-looking one. The boho-style mat has an orange, brown, black, grey, and red color palette. It transforms your dull interior into a vibrant one. If the mat doesn’t have grips underneath it, try installing grip stickers. They come easy and cheap. Also, try going for a material that isn’t slippery, and is capable of absorbing water quickly and efficiently.

Solid color kitchen floor mat includes one-color. It can be red, blue, black, pink, brown, or any vibrant or neutral. Solid colors add a decent factor to your kitchen. However, it totally depends on your kitchen interior, whether you need a basic color mat to balance the interior or vibrant colors to pop up the look. Hence, it’s important to know your theme, style, and color palette to go for a successful choice of mat. Also, be sure to look for ones with good grip and good water absorption factors.


Hence, this was a complete guide as to what color to choose, which cabinets to go for, which features and style to look for in a kitchen sink faucet, and which floor mat is right for you. By now, you must able to make the right choice. You can also visit our other post on designing your kitchen in a more beautiful and functional manner.

Good luck!