Bosch Dishwasher

This article floats around the review and comparison of Bosch Dishwasher in the segment of Best Dishwasher in India. The days of cleaning dishes with ashes and handfuls of sand are long gone. Forget about it; in today’s world, we’ve moved on from top-quality dishwashing solutions, handy scrubs, brushes, and gloves. Dishwashers have shared our load and added the ease of not having to wash the dishes by hand thanks to their incredible technology and efficiency.

In a dishwasher, each model has a “place setting” that indicates how sufficient your model is for your family size based on the size and capacity of the dishwasher. A dishwasher with an 8-place setting, for example, is sufficient for a family of two, whereas one with a 13-place setting is sufficient for a large family.

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What makes Bosch Dishwasher the Best Dishwasher in India?

When it comes to the top dishwashers in India, Bosch is a household name. This dishwasher with 13 place settings is excellent for a medium-sized household and is capable of washing large, oily Indian utensils. This dishwasher, which is rated A++ for energy efficiency, also has half-load technology, which saves resources by not requiring you to stack the racks completely before starting the cycle.


  • Included in the box: 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual, detergent sample
  • water softening device (up to 800 rpm), water spray arms:2 + 1 water shower
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Noise Level: 52dB


  • 13 Place Setting: Suitable for families with up to 4 -5 members with Adjustable Cutlery box.
  • Preactivated VarioSpeed: It reduces wash cycle time without compromising on wash results
  • Suitable for Indian Kitchens: This Bosch dishwasher is designed for Indian Kitchens as it can easily fit all types of utensils and clean them. No need to manually pre-rinse utensils before loading them in the dishwasher.
  • Intensive Kadhai Programme: Perfected for cleaning greasy Indian Utensils & Oily masala stains. It is a special program for heavily soiled Kadhais, Pots, and Pans with intensive washing and drying cycles – for optimal cleaning and drying results.
  • 6 Wash Programmes & 3 options:
    • Express Sparkle Programme – Saves Time and gets your dishes and cutlery clean and dry in under an hour.
    • Half Load option- For fewer utensils
    • Extra dry option – For better drying efficiency. Extra dry option enhances further the drying results, especially beneficial for difficult to dry items, e.g. plastic.
  • Saves Water: The dishwasher uses 10litre of water. While manual washing uses a minimum of 60 liters of water, Save time – Get clean & dried utensils in just 59 minutes
  • EcoSilence Drive Feature: This dishwasher offers a unique brushless motor – quiet, powerful, efficient, and durable.
  • Special features: Eco silence drive, Glass care system, dosage Assist, extra dry.
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty for the machine and 10 years warranty against rust-through on the inner tub.

It has numerous wash modes for efficient dishwashing, including dual wash, rapid, auto, mild, and eco. Its Pre-activated VarioSpeed shortens the wash cycle without sacrificing wash quality. Furthermore, Express Sparkle cleans and dries your dishes and cutlery in under an hour. You can pre-select the program for the appropriate start time using the time delay tool. This allows you to handle your appliance whenever you want, whether it’s during the day, at work, or at night. Following the commencement of the program, a display shows the exact amount of time left.

Aside from the standard functions, this appliance has CrystalDry technology, which efficiently converts moisture into heat, resulting in 60 percent drier dishes. Leaks are contained by the AquaStop leak protection system, which is meticulously constructed. If a leak occurs, the machine shuts down the operation and pumps out the water. The third loading rack is big and flexible, with fold-down tines that enhance the loading capacity by 30%.

The EasyGlide rack design makes loading easier, and the 24-Hour Delay Start Timer lets you set your dish cycle to run when energy consumption is at its lowest. We know you’re giddy with anticipation, but the 42-decibel operation is so quiet that you’ll never hear an interrupting cycle.

  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Adjustable cutlery box
  • Perfect for large families
  • Suitable for hygienic cleaning
  • Low noise operation
  • Power and water-efficient
  • Heavy weight
  • No additional warranty on motor

Comparison with other Dishwashers in the segment

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Dishwashers from Bosch are intended to maximize space and versatility in order to effectively organize and clean dishes. This Best Dishwasher in India offers several different wash programs to choose from. It is most suitable for Indian Kitchen’s cleaning requirements. Cleans extremely soiled Kadhais, Pots, and Pans with Intensive Kadhai 70°. In under an hour, Express Sparkle cleans and dries your dishes and cutlery. The VarioSpeed option cuts the wash cycle time in half while still cleaning perfectly. When compared to hand cleaning, the Bosch Dishwasher saves water, time, and energy.

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