Havells Silencio Mixer Grinder Review

In India, Havells is a well-known Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) brand. Its broad distribution network and world-class quality have earned it a reputation not only in India but also globally. Havells’ technological skill is evident in each of these items, as well as in its different mixer grinder versions.

What is Good in Havells Silencio Mixer Grinder?

  • Silent Mixer Grinder HVDC motor reduces noise by up to 50%
  • 500-watt powerful energy-efficient motor
  • Pre-programmed mix and grind modes
  • Overload and service indicators
  • Easy to clean and use

Havells Silencio is a cutting-edge ultra-premium silent mixer grinder. This is a high-performance mixer grinder that provides an unrivaled experience. This 500 W mixer grinder has four jars. These insulated jars are double layered for added durability and noise reduction. The jars are available in a variety of sizes to match your specific grinding, mixing, or blending requirements.

Mixer Grinder Specifications

  • No. of jars: 4;
  • Jar sizes:
    • 2 ltr blending transparent polycarbonate jar with fruit filter & food pusher,
    • 1.5 ltr liquidizing double layer stainless steel jar,
    • 1.2 ltr dry grinding double layer stainless steel jar,
    • 0.6 ltr stainless steel chutney jar
  • The HVDC motor allows user noise-free operation.
  • It also has a digital display for the convenience of the user and displays of current mode & remaining time.
  • Three advanced pre-set modes for consistent performance and carefree convenience.
  • New handle fixing technology provides a smooth & screwless inner surface of the jar for easy cleaning and complete hygiene.
  • 5-year motor & 2-year product warranty, pan-India home service with free post-sale demonstration.
  • Finish types: PU Painted;
  • Included components:
    • 1 N Motor Unit,
    • 1 N Chutney Grinding Jar (500 ml) with LID,
    • 1 N Dry Grinding Jar (1.2 L) with LID,
    • 1 N Liquidizing Jar (1.5 L) with LID,
    • 1 N Polycarbonate Blending Jar (2 L) with LID,
    • 1 N Fruit Filter,
    • 1 N Food Pusher
    • 1 N Instruction Manual.

Safety Features

  • Three-way motor protection through special airflow cooling, low TR motor & overload protection with warning indicator.
  • New double-layer insulated jar technology reduces noise while grinding and provides cool touch outer surface for easy handling.
  • Dual interlocking safety between jar and lid to ensure safety during food preparation in stainless steel jar.
  • Silencio allows users, a hands-free operation with a secure lid lock system without spill and pop-up lids. Silencio mixer grinder detects improperly placed jars and lids and prevents inadvertent activation for optimal user safety.

Low Noise, But Powerful Motor

The unique HVDC low noise motor lies at the heart of its silent performance. This industry-first motor’s revolutionary technology ensures significantly lower noise levels than standard mixer grinders.  Sharp stainless steel blades are designed to grind even the most difficult dry and moist substances.

The specially constructed flow breakers and gradual grinding process enable chunk-free grinding while preserving the texture and nutritional content of the ingredients, resulting in an authentic taste every time.

Stylish Design and Handy Operation

It features a fashionable stylish design with a streamlined body. Silencio has a distinct and superior appearance as a result of this. Its feather-touch control panel and smooth jog-dial make it simple to use. The elegant LED display allows you to switch between clever pre-sets that produce consistent results every time. The ergonomically designed jars have a lid lock system for spill prevention and hands-free use.

Pros and Cons

  • Stylish body design and premium finish
  • Operational noise reduction
  • HVDC motor with high efficiency
  • Digital display with service and overload indicator
  • Pre-set modes for smooth operation
  • Suitable for hands-free operation
  • Dual Interlocking Safety
  • Bit expensive in the segment
  • Comparatively heavy (around 6.5 kg)


This Mixer Grinder differs from and outperforms previous models due to its cutting-edge motor technology. The innovative air exhaust system optimizes efficiency by quickly cooling the motor and lowering noise levels. Havells Silencio is the best quiet mixer grinder in India among premium soundless mixer grinder models.

The Havells Silencio mixer grinder combines exceptional aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and useful functionality. It has a quality finish and is manufactured with high accuracy.

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