How to attract Positive Energy in the Kitchen?

positive energy in the kitchen

The kitchen is where the most important factors of life i.e., good health and motivation, are achieved. The kitchen’s ambiance and cooking prove to be a calming therapy for most people. So it is very important to fetch positive energy in the Kitchen. A study shows that those who cook to attain the much-wanted peace of mind are likely to have a significant increase in motivation towards their goals.

How to attract positive energy in the kitchen?

Having your kitchen surrounded with positive energy is what you all need for a better ambiance in your house. Positive energy is linked with Vastu and its principles. According to Vastu, Vastu Shastra, a belief followed by Indians, the infrastructure arrangement of your kitchen contributes well to the positive energy in the kitchen.

Kitchen design as per Vastu

Vastu revolves around five elements; Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air. To make your kitchen design as per Vastu, you need to balance all five elements. Now, you don’t need to worry about it as it’s not rocket science! Follow along with the instructions, and you’ll be able to understand what Vastu arrangement is and how it’s done.

Kitchen Vastu Direction boosting the positive energy in the kitchen

This is the most significant aspect while designing your kitchen. Kitchen Vastu direction plays a vital role in improving the overall ambiance and positive energy in the kitchen. Sooner or later definitely you will see better results after following these guidelines.

Directions i.e., East, West, North, and South, ensure proper arrangement of your kitchen. The kitchen design, as per Vastu, revolves around the South-east direction. The S-E direction is ideal for grabbing all the positive energy. When building a house, or moving to a new one, make sure to check if the kitchen is made in the S-E direction.

The fire element of Vastu represents objects which are related to fire in the kitchen. For instance, gas stoves, cylinders, ovens, or toasters, such items should be placed in a south-east direction. Also, you should be facing the south-east direction while using such appliances. This ensures positive energy.

The water element, according to the kitchen design as per Vastu, includes a washbasin. Since water and fire are the opposite, fire appliances should never be placed parallel or side by side to the washbasin. If not considered, this placement can attract negative energy in the house. Hence, causing fights and arguments between couples and siblings. It’s better to keep both the elements away from one another, on different platforms.

The south-west direction is also considered for kitchen design as per Vastu. The refrigerator should always be placed in the south-west direction. Such placement helps you breeze through all the tasks and obstacles in life, hence surrounding you with positive energy.

Grains, pulses, or any other crop, including the whole pantry, should be placed or built in the south-west direction. If you’re the person who stocks away all the items in the cabinets, make sure your cabinets have been made facing the south-eat direction.

Or if you’re the person who manages a good pantry that has everything stocked, ensure that the pantry has been built in the same i.e., south-west direction. By doing so, you attract prosperity, happiness, and luck. Hence, it is important to have your kitchen design as per Vastu.

Kitchen ideas as per Vastu

Best kitchen design ideas as per Vastu direction is another thing if you want to attract nothing but positivity! Yes, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by positive vibes? Exactly no one. Following is the list to ensure you get the best kitchen design idea as per Vastu. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Flooring is an essential factor to consider not only in terms of style but also in spirituality. The kitchen’s floor or platform should be in the south-east or direct east direction of the house. The floor should not be black. This ensures the best kitchen design idea as per Vastu.

The stove should be placed a few inches away from the wall. Also, the furnace or any fire source should be placed facing the kitchen’s entrance.

The entrance to the kitchen should not be at corners. Instead, the kitchen door should be in the East, West, or North directions. All three directions work best.

Supported colors for flooring include brown, orange, yellow, or red. Never the color black. Correct color choice gives you the best kitchen design ideas as per Vastu.

Following these tips and guidelines of kitchen design, you can boost positivity in your kitchen and thereby also improve your productivity inside the kitchen. If you like this article, please also visit our posts on Smart Kitchen Design Ideas. Thank you and Good luck!