IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher Review

If you’re looking for a new dishwasher, you’ve probably come across the name “IFB Neptune VX Plus.” This inox grey wonder is creating quite a buzz in the world of kitchen appliances and for good reason.

Quick Glance

The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher is a highly efficient and technologically advanced appliance with exceptional performance and energy conservation.

With a 16-place setting capacity, it easily accommodates the needs of larger households. The A++ rating ensures outstanding wash quality while being eco-friendly.

This dishwasher offers convenience and functionality, with 8 wash programs and special features like auto door opening and in-built water softening.

While it excels in cleaning Indian utensils, it may not be suitable for wooden ladles and non-stick utensils.

Overall, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher provides a reliable and long-lasting solution to all dishwashing needs.

What Value Does It Offer?

The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, making it a top choice for households seeking a reliable and time-saving solution for dishwashing.

With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this dishwasher ensures superior cleaning effectiveness, leaving your dishes spotless and hygienic.

The machine offers a variety of wash programs, including pre-wash, lightly soiled, eco-wash, and more, allowing you to customize the cleaning process based on your needs.

This dishwasher also boasts time-saving benefits with its large capacity of 16 place settings, accommodating the load of three meals for a family of up to 7 people.

The Turbo Drying feature ensures that your dishes are thoroughly dried, saving you time and effort.

Features of IFB Neptune VX Plus Dishwasher

The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus dishwasher has several noteworthy features that enhance its performance and efficiency. 

Energy-Saving A++ Rating

With an A++ rating for energy efficiency, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus dishwasher offers advanced features that help to save energy and reduce environmental impact.

This dishwasher has energy-saving technology that optimizes water and electricity consumption during each wash cycle.

The A++ rating indicates that the dishwasher consumes less energy than lower-rated models, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Using hot water wash and turbo drying features, the dishwasher ensures efficient cleaning and drying while minimizing energy usage. This not only saves on utility bills but also reduces the carbon footprint.

With its energy-saving A++ rating, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus dishwasher is an excellent choice for those prioritizing performance and environmental impact.

Flexi Half Load

The dishwasher’s Flexi Half Load feature allows users to save water, detergent, and energy by adjusting the load size according to their needs.

This feature is particularly beneficial for smaller loads or when a limited number of dishes can be washed. By selecting the Flexi Half Load option, users can activate the dishwasher’s sensors to detect the load size and adjust the water and energy consumption accordingly.

This results in significant water and energy savings, making the dishwasher more efficient and environmentally friendly.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider.

The Flexi Half Load feature may not provide the same cleaning performance as a full load, particularly for heavily soiled dishes.

Overloading the dishwasher using the Flexi Half Load feature can result in inadequate cleaning.

Overall, the Flexi Half Load feature offers convenience and efficiency, but it is important to use it appropriately to ensure optimal results.

Smart Sensor Technology

This IFB appliance incorporates smart sensor technology to enhance its functionality and efficiency.

The smart sensor technology in the dishwasher allows it to automatically detect the level of dirt and adjust the water pressure and temperature accordingly. This ensures the dishes are cleaned thoroughly without wasting excess water or energy.

The benefits of automation provided by smart sensor technology include:

  • Improved cleaning performance
  • Reduced water and energy consumption, and
  • Shorter wash cycles.

The dishwasher’s ability to adapt to different load sizes and adjust its settings accordingly further adds to its efficiency.

With smart sensor technology, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher offers a convenient and effective solution for efficient and hassle-free dishwashing.

16 Place Settings Dishwasher

The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher offers a generous capacity of 16 place settings, making it ideal for accommodating the dish load of a family of up to 7 people.

This large capacity provides different place-setting options to suit different needs. This dishwasher can handle everything, whether a small load or a big dinner party.

The benefits of such a large capacity are evident – it saves time and energy by allowing you to wash more dishes in one go, reducing the number of cycles required.

It is convenient for families as it can accommodate the load of three meals, minimizing the need for constant washing. The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher offers a spacious and efficient solution for your dishwashing needs.

Turbo Drying Feature

With its Turbo Drying feature, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher ensures efficient and effective drying of your dishes, providing a hassle-free dishwashing experience.

The Turbo Drying feature utilizes hot air circulation within the dishwasher to rapidly evaporate the moisture from your dishes, leaving them perfectly dry and ready to be stored.

This feature is especially beneficial for dishes that are difficult to dry, such as plastic containers and utensils with intricate designs.

The hot water wash feature enhances the turbo-drying effectiveness by sanitizing the dishes and removing any hidden dirt or residue.

By utilizing the benefits of hot water and turbo drying, the IFB dishwasher ensures that your dishes come out clean, dry, and ready to use.

Auto Door Opening

Utilizing the benefits of its Turbo Drying feature, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Free-Standing Dishwasher offers an additional convenient feature: Auto door opening.

This feature automatically opens the dishwasher door at the end of the wash cycle, allowing the hot air to escape and the dishes to dry faster. The advantages of this feature are twofold.

  • It saves time, as there is no need for the door to be manually opened.
  • It improves the drying performance, ensuring that dishes come out completely dry and ready to be put away.

The user experience with the Auto Door Opening feature has been positive, with many users appreciating the convenience and efficiency it brings to the dishwashing process.

Memory Backup: IFB Dishwasher for Uninterrupted Operation

Imagine your dishwasher is in the middle of a cleaning cycle, efficiently washing your dishes, and suddenly there’s a power outage. In most cases, this would require you to restart the dishwasher and the cycle from scratch, wasting time and energy.

With the memory backup feature of the IFB Neptune VX Plus, this scenario becomes much more manageable.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Detection of Power Failure: When a power outage occurs, the dishwasher’s memory backup system immediately detects the loss of power.
  2. Storage of Cycle Progress: The dishwasher saves the progress of the ongoing cycle. This includes the current wash program, cycle stage, and remaining time.
  3. Automatic Resumption: When power is restored, the IFB Neptune VX Plus will automatically resume its operation from where it left off. There’s no need for manual intervention.

Pros and Cons: IFB Neptune VX2 plus Dishwasher


  • Indian utensil compatibility: The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher is designed to work well with Indian utensils, ensuring that even the toughest stains and residues are effectively removed.
  • Time and energy savings: The dishwasher’s advanced features and wash programs ensure that your dishes are cleaned thoroughly in a fraction of the time and with minimal energy consumption.
  • Easy to operate: The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher is user-friendly and easy to operate. Its digital display and intuitive controls make selecting the desired wash program simple, as is customizing settings according to your needs.


  • Strategic placement: Larger or heavily soiled items may need to be placed strategically to ensure they are cleaned effectively.
  • Overloading issues: Overloading the dishwasher can result in dishes not being cleaned properly.

Our Verdict: Perfect for Indian Kitchen

Considering the strategic placement required for optimal cleaning, the potential increase in water consumption, and the importance of avoiding overloading, it is important to carefully evaluate the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher before purchasing.

Compared to other dishwashers, this IFB dishwasher has received positive customer satisfaction ratings for its performance in cleaning Indian utensils and saving time and energy.

It is worth noting that the dishwasher is not recommended for wooden ladles and non-stick utensils. Some users have observed that certain vessels may require additional scrubbing, and aluminium vessels may develop spots due to oxidation.

Overall, the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher offers a reliable and convenient option for those seeking to automate their dishwashing process. Still, it is important to consider its limitations and determine if it meets individual needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Wash Cycle?

The wash cycle duration of the IFB Neptune VX2 Plus dishwasher is comparable to other dishwashers on the market. It does not have a quick-wash option for cleaning dishes quickly.

Can the Dishwasher Be Used to Clean Delicate Glassware and China Dishes?

The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus Dishwasher can clean delicate glassware and china dishes. Its special features, such as the in-built water softening device and the Turbodry function, ensure gentle yet effective cleaning for these items.

Does the Dishwasher Have a Child Lock Feature?

The IFB Neptune VX2 Plus dishwasher has no child lock feature to prevent accidental operation. It offers a hot water wash, an in-built water-softening device, and smart sensors for efficient and reliable cleaning.

Is Using a Specific Brand of Detergent or Rinse Aid in the Dishwasher is Necessary?

When using a dishwasher, it is not necessary to use a specific brand of detergent or rinse aid. However, using products specifically designed for dishwashers is recommended to ensure optimal cleaning results. Alternative cleaning solutions are also available for those who prefer natural or eco-friendly options.

Can the Dishwasher Be Installed Under a Countertop or Does It Need to Be Freestanding?

The dishwasher can be installed under a countertop or as a freestanding appliance. The choice depends on the user’s preference and the available space in the kitchen.

Is it the perfect dishwasher for Indian households?

The IFB Neptune VX Plus is designed with the Indian kitchen in mind. It’s not just a dishwasher; it’s a workhorse built to tackle the toughest stains, including masala stains. With its multiple wash programs, it can effectively clean a wide range of Indian kitchenware, from heavily soiled utensils to delicate glassware.

How many place settings does it offer?

The IFB Neptune VX Plus boasts impressive 16-place settings. It can accommodate many dishes, glasses, and cutlery in a single load. It’s ideal for large families or those who frequently host gatherings and must wash many dishes simultaneously.

What is inox grey, and why is it a popular choice?

Inox grey is a sleek and modern colour finish for appliances. It’s not just visually appealing but also complements various kitchen decor styles. The inox grey finish on the IFB Neptune VX Plus adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, making it an attractive addition to your home.

What sets the IFB Neptune VX Plus apart from other dishwashers?

The IFB Neptune VX Plus stands out due to its exceptional features, including its robust 16-place setting capacity, multiple wash programs, water softening device, and inox grey finish. It’s also known for its reliability and durability, making it a long-term investment.

Is it eco-friendly with its water consumption and energy-efficient features?

The IFB Neptune VX Plus is designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It uses water efficiently and has features like delay start, half load, and a rinse aid dispenser to save water and energy. It’s an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Buying the IFB Neptune VX Plus Dishwasher

Where can you buy the IFB Neptune VX Plus?

The IFB Neptune VX Plus dishwasher is available at various retailers and appliance stores across India. Buying from reputable sellers is important to ensure you receive a genuine product with a valid warranty.

Is it available online, and what are the best prices?

You can also find the IFB Neptune VX Plus online. Shopping online offers the advantage of comparing prices and reading reviews from other customers to make an informed decision. Look for discounts and offers to get the best deal. Amazon deals on these dishwashers have received many positive customer reviews.

Considerations for free-standing versus built-in installation

The IFB Neptune VX Plus is available in both free-standing and built-in models. Your choice depends on your kitchen layout and personal preferences. Free-standing dishwashers are versatile and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, while built-in models are integrated into your kitchen cabinets for a seamless look.


  • IFB Neptune VX Plus offers a generous 16 place settings, making it ideal for larger families and frequent hosts.
  • The inox grey finish adds a touch of sophistication and complements various kitchen decors.
  • Specialized features for utensils and multiple wash programs cater to Indian kitchen needs.
  • Water softening device and energy-efficient options make it eco-friendly.
  • Compare the IFB Neptune VX Plus with other IFB dishwasher models to find the best fit for your kitchen.

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