Philips Mixer Grinder 750 Watts

Philips Mixer Grinder 750Watts should be your best option if you want an excellent operating mixer grinder with the added benefit of a juicer. Because grinding, mixing, and blending are vital aspects of any cuisine, mixer grinders are a must-have kitchen item. Philips Mixer Grinder Models are available in various specifications and sizes.

A powerful, dependable, and long-lasting Philips Mixer Grinder is a must-have in every Indian kitchen. When it comes to high-quality kitchen appliances, Philips is one of the most well-known manufacturers. They’re noted for having a wide variety of mixers to suit both large and small families. Philips juicers/mixer grinders are priced according to the number of jars and motor power.

Philips mixer grinders come with a variety of jars for various uses, allowing you to quickly prepare your recipes. You can do more things with a mixer grinder when you have more jars, and you can chop, juice, mince, grind, and puree items using a powerful motor to make tasty meals. We’ve compiled a list of the top six most popular Philips mixer grinders. With our outstanding range of Philips mixers, you will undoubtedly be able to find the right mixer grinder for your budget.

Philips mixer grinders are available with a variety of functions to make your task easier at a low cost. These mixer grinders do not require a significant increase in your budget. When it comes to using Philips mixer grinders, you won’t have to sacrifice ease of use. Philips is well-known for being able to cater to the various needs of Indian households. These mixer grinders are simple enough for even the most inexperienced user to operate. These mixer grinders may simply be used for a long time.

Top 5 Philips Mixer Grinder 750 Watt Models in India

There are various Philips Mixer Grinder options available to buy in Online Market. We’ll look at the features, design, and durability of the 5 best-selling Philips Mixer Grinder 750 Watt Models in this review.

1. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

The Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder comes with a wattage of 750w and a voltage rating of 230 volts. The product has 3 jars of stainless steel. The performance of the Philips mixer grinder is marvelous. It can grind, chop, and mix within a few seconds and allow you to take a rest and do other chores. The best feature of this grinder is, it can grind hard pulses and pure spice like turmeric and coriander easily.

The product does not need any installation. The Philips mixer grinder has advanced air ventilation and a sturdy couple. This increases the life of the motor. It allows you to grind up to 25 minutes continuously, even with hard ingredients like Black gram dal.  This mixer grinder has got a specially designed assembly that is user-friendly and easy to clean, long-lasting plastic (ABS) body.

Moreover, it offers 05 years warranty on the motor and almost a 2-year warranty on the product. It has 03-speed controllers that allow you to set the speed according to your requirement.


  • Includes: Mixer grinder, Wet Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Chutney Jar
  • Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 230 V
  • No of Jars: 3; Jar Size: Wet Jar (1.5 Liters), Multipurpose Jar (1 Liter), Chutney Jar (0.3 Liters)
  • Jar Material: Stainless Steel; Body Material: ABS; Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Speed Control: 3 Speed Control + Pulse
  • Motor Warranty: 5 Years; Product Warranty: 2 Years
  • New and powerful 750 W Turbo Motor, with advanced air ventilation & sturdy coupler
  • Along with specialized blades for the toughest ingredients, masalas, chutneys, shakes, and purees, this appliance comes with leakproof, food-grade stainless steel jars with a semi-transparent lid that allows you to see the ingredients for perfect consistency
  • Most suitable for Indian Kitchens
  • Easy to grind hard spices like turmeric and coriander
  • Leak Proof Jars
  • Unique Triangular Body Design
  • Turbo motor with a 05-year warranty
  • Jars are sensitive and require more care
  • The powerful motor may be noisy sometimes

2. PHILIPS HL7720 750W Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

The Philips HL 7720 mixer grinder is not only durable but also performs admirably. This Philips mixer grinder’s ingenious design protects the motor from damage caused by continuous operation. This is a multifunctional all-purpose mixer grinder that will help you quickly and efficiently prepare your favorite recipes.

PHILIPS HL7720 750W Mixer Grinder is a feature-rich device featuring three grinding modes: mixed, dry, and wet grinding, as well as three distinct jars. Its robust stainless steel blades aid in faster and smoother grinding, and they can be removed for cleaning. This Philips 3 jar mixer grinder is easy to operate and features a three-speed control option so you may use it according to your needs.

PHILIPS HL7720 Mixer Grinder has a powerful 750W motor and improved blades that easily chop even the toughest ingredients. It provides outstanding performance for all types of food ingredients. Auto cut-off protection ensures the mixer motor’s safety. and ensures that it lasts a long time. This Mixer Grinder comes with an advanced ventilation system that keeps the mixer body cool. To give better power-packed performance and carefully built for vigorous grinding, the click lock helps to firmly secure the mixer jar, and the special coupler helps to keep the mixer clean and tidy. It also comes with a 1.2m cord, fairly long enough.


  • Includes: Mixer grinder, Wet Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Chutney Jar
    Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 230 V
  • No of Jars: 3; Jar Material: Stainless Steel; Body Material: ABS; Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Speed Control: 4 Speed Control
  • Motor Warranty: 5 Years; Product Warranty: 2 Years
  • Sturdy handles with good grip
  • Nice build quality
  • Elegant design
  • Turbovent technology
  • Click lock for easy jar locking
  • No Filter jar for extracting juice

3. PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder with Jars

PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder comes equipped with a powerful 750W motor. It features a compact set-up that fits most kitchen requirements and takes minimal storage space. Gear Drive technology of this mixer grinder supports versatile food processing. This mixer grinder also offers some useful tools such as leak-proof jars, PowerChop for superior chopping, and special disc inserts for slicing and shredding to allow the finest mixing, grinding, chopping, grating, slicing, and atta kneading.

PowerChop technology combines blade shape, cutting angle, and inner bowl to produce outstanding chopping results in both soft and hard foods. It’s also great for making purees and mixing cake batters. Low-speed food preparation applications can benefit from specially developed gear drive technology that reduces RPM. This allows the user to do things like chopping, grating, slicing and kneading in addition to fine mixer grinding.


  • Includes Mixer Grinder, ChefPro Bowl, Chutney Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Wet Jar, Pulp Extractor, chopping attachment, Fine shredding tool, Fine slicing tool, Grating tool, and Kneading tool
  • Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 230 V; Revolution: 20.000 rpm (max)
  • No of Jars: 4; Jar Size: ChefPro Jar (2.2 Litres), Wet Jar (1.5 L), Multipurpose Jar (1 Litre), Chutney Jar (0.5 Litre)
  • Jar Material: Stainless Steel; Body Material: ABS; Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Speed Control: 3 Speed Control Motor + Pulse
  • Motor Warranty: 5 Years; Product Warranty: 2 Years
  • Superior chopping performance
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Easy to assemble accessories
  • Compact design and shape
  • Leak proof jars and spill free grinding
  • Supports low speed food preparation
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Bit higher noise level

4. Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder, 750 Watts, 4 Jars

Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder has a powerful 750W motor that allows you to extract pure pulpy juice even from hard fruits. It features auto-cut-off protection for enhanced motor life. Like most other Philips mixer grinders, this model also offers a strong suction feet mechanism to ensure stability during heavy grinding.

This Philips Mixer Grinder model compact enough to take a minimal storage space in your kitchen cupboard or rack. It is easy to use, comes with large switch knobs so that you can easily shift to different speed levels. Superior Stainless Steel Leak Proof Jars provide enhanced capacity for maximum grinding performance. Jars are spillproof and take less time to clean. The overall round body shape of this mixer grinder makes it easy to clean and move anywhere on your kitchen countertop.


  • Includes Mixer Grinder, Chutney Jar, Main Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Pulp Extractor Jar, and Spatula
  • Power: 750 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts
  • 4 Jars, Chutney Jar: .5L, Middle Jar: 1L, Wet Jar 75L, Pul Extractor Jar 5L
  • Speed Setting: 4 Speed Control
  • Body Material: ABS plastic; Superior Stainless Steel jars
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Ease of use and clean
  • High-quality blades for perfect mixing and grinding
  • Pure pulpy juice extraction
  • Leakproof jars with better grip handles
  • Suction feet to ensure fewer vibrations while grinding
  • Auto cut off protection
  • Lid locks could have been better
  • Not much suitable for long time use in one go

5. Philips Hl1645 750-watt 3 Jar Vertical Mixer Grinder and Blender

The Philips Hl1645 750-watt 3 Jar Vertical Mixer Grinder is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen. The mixer grinder has a 750-watt motor with an auto shut-off feature to safeguard against overloading. The mixer grinder comes with four jars with varying liter capacities: a 1.25L multi-purpose jar, a 1.5L blender jar, a 1.5L wet grinding jar, and a 0.5L chutney jar.

A mesh filter is included inside the blender jar to separate the juices from the fruit pulp. Three of the four jars are stainless steel, and one is a plastic blender jar. The jar also has strong handles that are easy to hold. You may effortlessly remove the jar from the appliance with such a handle.

The Philips Hl1645 750-watt Vertical Mixer Grinder has a front-facing control knob that makes it simple to use the appliance’s 3-speed setting. When used for grinding, anti-slip vacuum feet of Philips Hl1645 750-watt Vertical Mixer Grinder maintains a stable position on any floor.


  • Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Auto shut-off for overload protection
  • Lift and grind blades ensure consistent grinding
  • Power: 750 watts; Speed setting: 3 and pulse; Power indicator: Yes
  • Capacity: Multi-purpose jar 1.25 L, Blender capacity: 1.5L, Chutney jar 0.4L
  • Reverse quadra flow jars prevent sticking to walls
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

  • 750-watt powerful motor
  • Blender jar with a filter
  • Non-slip vacuum feet
  • Forefront control knob with 3-speed setting
  • Easy-grip sturdy handles
  • Jar locking could have been improved

Final Words

Philips is the most trusted brand to produce mixer grinders as per the need of Indian homes. These Best Philips Mixer Grinders combines convenience with excellent juicing mixing and grinding capabilities. You may spend less time peeling and chopping with a larger round chute, giving you more time to enjoy meals with your family.

If you would like to read reviews of other top mixer grinder models in the market please visit our post on Best Mixer Grinder For Home Use In India. Finally, we have also compiled a list of Best Mixer Grinders under 2000 Rs. Our Buyer’s Guide for the best mixer grinder in India will help you to understand the essential parameters to look for while purchasing a mixer grinder. They’re all good at what they do. However, you must make your decision based on your budget and requirements.

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