Best Mixer Grinder For Home Use

Are you looking for the best mixer grinder for home use? Great, You have chosen the right blog. Here, we will discuss and provide you with the ultimate guide to buying the best mixer grinder in India.


A kitchen is incomplete without the most desirable kitchen appliance, a mixer grinder. It handles multiple tasks like grinding, chopping, blending, and mixing in a very short time. It saves you a lot of time. It makes your meal prep easy without any hard work.

The market is full of mixer grinder varieties. However, they are different in functionalities, brand, size, and price.

There are two types available in the market:

  • A simple mixer grinder and
  • A mixer grinder with a juicer.

Best Mixer Grinder For Home Use In India

Our kitchen expert’s team reviewed many mixer grinders in India over the last 2 months. They have chosen the best top-rated 10 mixer grinder for you in India. So, you can choose one of them according to your budget and requirements.

Top Mixer Grinder Reviews:

1. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Philips is the most trusted brand to produce mixer grinders as per the needs of Indian homes. The design of the juicer is user-friendly. The grinder comes with a wattage of 750w and voltage:230. The product has 3 jars of stainless steel.

The performance of the Philips mixer grinder is marvellous. It can grind, chop, and mix within a few seconds, allowing you to rest and do other chores. The best feature of this grinder is that it can grind hard pulses and pure spices like turmeric and coriander easily.

The product does not need any installation. The Philips mixer grinder has advanced air ventilation and a sturdy couple. This increases the life of the motor. It allows you to grind up to 25 minutes continuously, even with hard ingredients like Black gram dal.  This mixer grinder has got a specially designed assembly that is user-friendly and easy to clean, long-lasting plastic (ABS) body.

Moreover, it offers 05 years warranty on the motor and almost a 2-year warranty on the product. It has 03-speed controllers that allow you to set the speed according to your requirements.

  • Most suitable for Indian Kitchens
  • Easy to grind hard spices like turmeric and coriander
  • Leak Proof Jars
  • Unique Triangular Body Design
  • Turbo motor with a 05-year warranty
  • Jars are sensitive and require more care
  • The powerful motor may be noisy sometimes

2. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

Suppose you have a small size family and have no so demanding requirements. This 500W Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder will be a perfect choice for you. It comes in a compact size and is suitable to perform normal kitchen tasks like chopping, grinding light spices, and making paste for curries with great efficiency.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is manufactured with premium quality material. Its sturdy stainless steel-based jars are used for liquidizing, chutney making, and dry or wet grinding. The capacity of these jars is 1.25 liter of a liquidizing jar, 0.3 liters of chutney jar, and 0.88 liters multipurpose.

The grinder has a multifunctional blade system. It offers you easy-grip handles of all 3 jars. It offers 3-speed control, and you can adjust it according to your demand. The Bajaj Rex comes with a rust-proof body.  The product comes with a one year warranty with a motor overload protector.

  • It comes with superior quality containers
  • Easy to clean
  • Less energy consumption
  • Durable and stable
  • Elegant design
  • Comparatively expensive

3. Cookwell Mixer Grinder, 500W, 5 Jars

The Cookwell Mixer has a very sleek design and a multipurpose machine. It gives you an outstanding performance whenever you give it a try. The compact design takes less space on your kitchen counter and will provide a complete all in one solution. It includes three jars and two blades only that do all the functions.

The easy-to-use grinder has no buttons but push-start functioning. It comes with two blades, i.e., a dry blade and a wet blade. The wet blade is used to grind chutney and gravy, like smoothies, milkshakes, etc. while the dry blade is used to grind hard products like garam masala, dry fruits, etc.

The juicer is designed with a super-fast and powerful 450-watts motor that is efficient enough to do all its work. It has the sharpest steel blades that break down the ingredients completely and extract all nutrients. When you drink these juices or foods, you are consuming most of the nutrients found in that food.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Noise-free operation
  • Compact design
  • Economical in the segment
  • Not for heavy use

4. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 best quality mixer grinder, 750W, 5 Jars

Preethi is one of India’s largest brands in manufacturing mixer grinders. This Preethi Zodiac includes a powerful Vega 5 motor in this grinder that is long-lasting and ensures robust operations. This Master Chef mixer grinder can do seven different tasks. These are atta kneading, chopping, grating, slicing, meat mincing, citrus pressing, and pureeing. This grinder includes a 5-year warranty on the motor and a 2-year warranty on the product.

It also has a safety indicator. The color of the indicator will change from blue to red in case of overload. There is a speed control knob at the forefront. Preethi Zodiac is the best mixer grinder for the Indian kitchen. It not only provides you with fine grind but also enlightens your kitchen with its graceful design and elegant color.

  • Durable Machine
  • Elegant Design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Master chef plus jar
  • Powerful motors are noisy
  • Higher price in the segment

5. Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder, 1000W, 3 Jars

Bosch TrueMixx Pro is a beautifully designed mixer grinder. It has a uniquely designed blunt PoundingBlade with thick edges. These edges replicate the pounding effect on dry ingredients. They also provide you authentic textures and taste of the ingredients.

You can enjoy a completely hands-free operation with the help of this mixer grinder. The grinder is designed with unique lid-locks and strong suction feet for added stability. The blades are made up of high-quality stainless steel for better performance in making wet, dry, and chutney grinding. The ergonomic design of jar handles and high-grade stainless steel jars are specially designed for easy handling and operations.

The mixer also has an overload protector for safe and secure operations. The motor has 30 minutes rating, i.e., 5 min on and 2 min off, and a maximum of 6 cycles.

  • High-quality Mixer Grinder
  • Powerful 1000-watts motor with 100% copper windings
  • Produces less noise
  • Overload protector for safe operation
  • 2-year warranty on the product
  • Higher price
  • Delicate lids

6. Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder, 900W, 3 Jars

Sujata is a local Indian brand that aims to provide the best quality product at a very minimum price. Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder is a compact option for all your kitchen needs. This mixer grinder comes with 3 stainless steel jars for multiple applications. The first one is its Dome jar. This jar is used for tough wet grinding like idly paste, the second one is for dry grinding, and the third one is for chutney grinding.

The juicer includes a 900 watts motor with double ball bearings for better efficiency. The motor requires low maintenance and runs for years without any trouble. The operation of this Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder is completely vibration-free. Its operation is also shock-proof and safe. Even kids can use this easily. The high-strength stainless steel blades cut your ingredients finer and even faster.

  • Includes 3 stainless steel jars
  • Powerful 900 watts motor
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Efficient for long use
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Small-sized chutney jar

7. Panasonic AC MX-AC555 Mixer Grinder

Panasonic Mixer Grinders are best known for their convenient features and safety. This Panasonic AC MX-AC555 Mixer Grinder comes with multiple jars for better mixing and grinding.

It has a unique double safety locking system that is based on international standards. Moreover, it includes two 304 grade SS jar filters that extract and separate juice from the pulp. The blades are made up of hardened stainless steel material that works for better grinding and mixing. It is designed with a 550-watts motor that has 100% copper windings. The motor is powerful enough to grind and mince finely.

This Panasonic AC MX-AC555 Mixer Grinder has been designed so efficiently that it transforms ordinary food into a superfood. This is a 9-in-1 machine that has features of spice grinding, wet grinding, meat mincing, ice crushing, egg beating, coffee grinding, juicing, blending, and can even make coconut milk. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and a 2-year on the product. This warranty is enough to give you confidence in buying their product.

  • Circuit Breaker system
  • Double safety locking system
  • 9-in-1 mixer grinding machine
  • Warranty: 5y on motor and 2y on product
  • Oil seal protection system
  • Not suitable for small use
  • Little heavy

8. Havells Maxx Grind Mixer Grinder, 550W, 5Jars

With the help of this Havells Maxx Grind Mixer Grinder, you can make your meal effortlessly. The grinder comes with a 750-watts power motor. The motor is efficient enough to grind all kinds of food ingredients.

The grinder includes 3 stainless steel jars, one is a chutney jar, the second is for dry or wet ingredients, and the third one is a blending jar. All jars are designed ergonomically.  All the jars come up with transparent lids. These transparent lids make it easier to monitor the mixture while grinding. The grinder comes up with 3-speed options. So, you can enjoy multiple speeds while grinding.

  • Elegant design
  • Powerful 750-watts motor
  • Stable base
  • Stainless steel jars
  • Ideal for the modern kitchen
  • Powerful motors make noise
  • Delicate lids of the jar

9. Maharaja Whiteline Power click, 750W, 4Jars

Maharaja Whiteline Power clicks Mixer Grinder comes with a powerful 750-watts copper motor that is faster and effective in grinding. The motor is designed for 30 minutes of continuous grinding, ensuring consistency in food flavors. The grinder includes four multitasking jars. These jars are used for blending, liquidizing, dry grinding, and for chutney grinding.

One of the plus points of this mixer grinder is it manufactured with 100% food-grade material. This material ensures no contamination of the material in contact with food. The unique safety lock mechanism of this grinder ensures better safety when you are operating this grinder. Moreover, its anti-slip feet hold this grinder at its position.

  • Powerful motor
  • Food-grade safe body
  • Unique safety lock feature
  • Ideal for Indian kitchen
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 5y warranty on the motor and a 2y warranty on the product
  • Powerful motors are noisy
  • Includes no manual

10. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4Jars

The Prestige Iris mixer grinder has a 750-watt powerful motor that runs at 230 volts. The motor is so powerful that it grinds all kinds of food ingredients. The motor includes a 2-year warranty, and the product also holds a 2-year warranty that gives the customer enough confidence to buy this product.

The jars have a safety lock feature. The grinder will not start if it is not locked correctly. This Prestige Iris grinder has come with an overload protection switch. The function of this switch is to cut off the power supply to the grinder to prevent the motor from overheating. The noise levels of this grinder are between 80-90 dB.

  • 750-watts powerful motor
  • Safety lock feature
  • Overload protection switch
  • Multifunctional blades
  • Sturdy Handle and attractive design
  • 2-year warranty on product and motor
  • Needs some breaks in-between for a long time use

Further, if you are on a tight budget and looking for the best mixer grinder for home use, a 500 Watt mixer grinder is a good deal. They are quite versatile and occupy a small space in your kitchen. Moreover, they make very little noise as compared to other heavy-watt grinders.

Benefits of Mixer Grinders

A mixer grinder is a kitchen appliance that helps to grind various food items. It is very popular in Indian kitchens as it makes grinding much easier. There are various benefits of using mixer grinders, some of which are mentioned below.

1. They help to save time:

One of the biggest benefits of using mixer grinders is that they help to save a lot of time. Grinding various food items manually can be a very time-consuming task. However, with the help of a mixer grinder, this task can be completed within a few minutes.

2. They help to improve the quality of food:

Another benefit of mixer grinders is that they help improve food quality. When food is ground manually, there is a risk of it being uneven. However, with the help of a mixer grinder, the food is ground evenly, resulting in improved taste and quality.

3. They help to reduce labor:

Mixer grinders also help to reduce the labor involved in the kitchen. Grinding various food items manually can be a very tedious and laborious task. However, with the help of a mixer grinder, this task can be easily completed with very little effort.

4. Mixer grinders are easy to use.

Mixer grinders are simple to operate, and most models come with clear instructions on how to use them. This makes them a great kitchen appliance for beginner cooks or those who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

5. They can help you save money.

By grinding your own spices, for example, you can avoid paying the higher prices charged for pre-ground spices at the store. And, if you grind your own meat, you’ll also be able to avoid the higher prices charged for pre-packaged ground meat.

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Buyer’s Guide for the best mixer grinder in India

Before buying a mixer grinder, you should read these points.

  1. The first thing you need to consider is size. If you want a good quality grinder that will last you for a long time, then you’ll need to buy one that’s big enough to handle all of your kitchen requirements.
  2. The number of jars and jar sizes are significant to note before buying a grinder, especially when you own a big family. A good mixer grinder will have at least two jars – a large one for grinding and a small one for dry grinding or making chutneys. Some models also come with a juicer attachment.
  3. Motor power is also an important thing to check. Anything from 500-750 watts will be ideal for the Indian kitchen. For light to moderate grinding needs, a 500-watt model should suffice. But if you frequently make large batches of batters or grind hard ingredients like spices, consider getting a 750-watt or higher mixer grinder.
  4. Consider the blade material. They need to be made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand heavy use. Avoid models with plastic or aluminum blades as they dull quickly and can even break under prolonged use.
  5. Make sure your Mixer Grinder has at least three speeds. The more speed control options available, the better the grinding control. Make sure that large speed controls knobs/buttons are supplied to control the speed of the motor.
  6. The overload protection feature acts as a circuit breaker in case of overload. Overfilling our jars and using the mixer grinder for prolonged periods can cause the motor to burn out. An overload protection function is an essential feature in a mixer grinder, it protects the motor from further harm.
  7. Some mixer grinders have a pulse or momentary action for finishing the grinding process.
  8. You should also make sure you’re buying an affordable mixer grinder. It’s important that you don’t spend too much money, but you also don’t want to buy something that’s too cheap.
  9. Consider the features that you need. You can check out the best mixer grinders available in the market. Some are expensive, but they might not last long.
  10. Always check the warranty before buying a mixer grinder. A good quality mixer grinder should have at least a one-year warranty. This means you’ll be able to get a replacement if the grinder breaks down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we shred carrots to make Halwa with the help of the Preethi Zodiac?
Ans. Yes, you can do carrot shredding for making Halwa.

Q2. Do Havells Maxx Grind Mixer Grinder jars have lid locks?
Ans. Yes, but only one jar out of three has this.

Q3. What is the actual capacity of chutney jars in the Panasonic AC MX-AC555 Mixer Grinder?
Ans. The actual capacity of chutney jars is 400ml and 600ml.

Q4. Can I use a mixer grinder for making baby food?

Ans. Yes, for sure. However, looking at the dedicated use, consistency in baby food, and automatic sterilization of food jars, you can also prefer particular baby food processors available in the market.

Q5. What to use jars with easy-grip handles?

Ans. Because jars having specially designed easy-grip handles ensure easy handling and strong grip during operation.

Q6. How much is the price of a mixer grinder?

Ans. The price of a mixer grinder varies depending on the brand and type. You can buy a mixer grinder at various prices from 1k to 10k. If you are planning to buy a mixer grinder online, then you can check the reviews and ratings of the mixer grinder.

Q7.  Which is the Best Mixer Grinder For Home Use?

Ans. We have provided a review of top-rated and trusted brands in India. For home use, you can prefer a mixer grinder between 500W to 1000W depending on your kitchen needs. Make sure you get 3 jars with the mixer grinder (1 wet jar, 1 dry jar, and 1 chutney jar).

Q8. What is the difference between a mixer grinder and a blender?

Ans. The mixer grinder has a small blade that rotates around a central shaft. The blender is a large, motorized machine with a bowl that holds the liquid or food. The mixer grinder is great for chopping vegetables and herbs, but it can be hard to clean. The blender is great for mixing liquids and foods, but it is not as easy to clean.

Q9. What are some popular uses of a mixer grinder in India?

Ans. In India, mixer grinders are used to grind your spices, nuts, seeds, sugar, and other food items in the kitchen. In southern states, mixer grinders are very popular for making batter for Idlis And Dosas. The main ingredients in idli batter are fermented rice and jaggery. They are mixed together in the correct proportions. Mixer Grinders have been an integral part of our kitchens for a long time now. They are essential in all households as they help in preparing various dishes like purees, mashes, soups, etc.

Final Words

You have seen some of the best mixer grinders that are available in the market. All of them are good at their places. But you have to choose according to your budget and needs. A kitchen is incomplete without the best quality mixer grinder.

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