tips and tricks for handling kitchen tools

Some people are obsessed with tips and tricks for handling kitchen tools, maintaining kitchen tools, and other essentials. They find the best quality things from different brands and arrange them in their beautiful, well-organized kitchen. The kitchen tools are only available in large quantities, and their proper arrangement is essential for maintaining the kitchen. Many kitchen spaces are attributed to kitchen essentials, so everyone knows the importance of placing these tools separately.

11 incredible tips and tricks for handling kitchen tools and items

How to manage a need for a list?

It’s quite obvious why the “need for a list” has the top position in “tips and tricks for handling kitchen tools”. Many things are necessarily ready-to-go items for kitchen arrangement. Whenever you want to arrange your kitchen, try to list what you’re required. Your kitchen essentials are more important than anything else because you can’t cook food without them. Now you must think about what you should need to make a proper place to handle kitchen essentials.

How to clean stainless steel tools and other items?

If you are a big fan of cleanliness, you must be aware of properly washing the utensils. Kitchen tools can be washed with regular dishwashing liquid, while other steel items in the kitchen can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. You can apply a small amount and wipe it off. There is no need to scratch the surface. What a fantastic tip for cleaning stoves and steel appliances.

A fantastic tip for cleaning a microwave

When you warm different food articles in the microwave, it gets smelly, mixing many fragrances. First, you should use a lid while microwaving your cooked food, and there will be no sprouting on the wall. Secondly, you can put a glass pot full of water and a little dishwasher for 1 minute. Let it cool for half an hour inside. Then clean the microwave with a hot wet towel from inside and outside. You will be amazed to see the results.

best microwave ovens in India
Best microwave ovens in India

Polish your copper tools with ketchup.

Yes! You heard that right ketchup is beneficial for polishing copper-made tools and essentials. Copper can be oxidized and change colour over time. You must be thinking of disposing of them as these tools look unhygienic. If you have ketchup, then your worries make no sense. Put some ketchup on the cloth to rub the tools and wash them with warm water. The incredible and shiny tools are in front of you.

How can you avoid sticking the egg in the pan?

If you are a fried egg lover, your excitement dies within a second to see the egg sticking on the pan and never separate without smashing the whole egg. However, you can avoid this situation by adding some salt to the pan and what a fantastic creation you have made for yourself. Your egg is ready with intact yolk, and you enjoy it with your hot cup of tea.

cooking pans
Non-sticky pan set for Cooking

Change the wooden spoons frequently.

The wooden tools are integral to cooking delicious and yummy for your family. These tools are durable and comfortable while cooking because they don’t get hard from the handle, and you can grip them easily. So, they get spoiled over time, and you should frequently change the spoons to keep in mind your health and clean cooking process. These tools are dishwasher safe, and always observe the roughness of the edges. Then, time to change your cooking tool.

wooden spoons

How to store vegetables and fruits?

Food storage is a huge issue in every household. If you want to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer, wrap them in the newspaper. If you are extra conscious about your health, you can bring the zip-lock to store the food separately. In this whole storing process, never forget to wash the fruits and vegetables with warm water to kill germs and wax sticking to fruits.

How to keep knives?

Knives are essential in cutting and chopping food items. So, one must be careful about using the knife. For that purpose, the knife should be sharp enough for effortless cutting and chopping. You can use a cutting board to avoid any injury to your hand or fingers, providing a comfortable way of using kitchen tools and essentials.

How to fight with fire?

Cook with ease by wearing loose and cotton fabric clothes. If you get caught in fire, then immediately apply the baking soda to that place. Moreover, baking soda releases carbon dioxide to stifle the fire. What a fantastic thing that could be present in the kitchen to help you in times of dire need.

How to clean the cast-iron tools?

Getting rid of the sticky remnant of food from your cost-iron pot is challenging and sometimes challenging. If you rub that with the dishwasher, the whole surface could be scratched away, and your pot will be useless. Let me tell you one incredible tip to clean your contaminated pot. Just add a small amount of salt to the dishwasher. It will rub away the sticky food with ease.

How to stop spilling out the milk or soup?

It’s a prevalent thing whenever you make tea or boil milk. Then, suddenly it comes out without letting you make slow the heat. The same things go for every liquid food in the pot. You can avoid this situation by putting a wooden spoon on top. Wood is not a good conductor of heat, and it prevents liquid from spilling from the pot.


There are many tips and tricks for handling kitchen tools and following them for a perfect cooking arrangement. I have explained a few of them to save you time and money. You can use Many things in the kitchen to make your life easy and worry-free. Most importantly, these tips help everyone know everyone for making the kitchen arrangement up to the mark. Let’s try small and useful hacks for a successful cooking experience.

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