Best Food Processors in India

Best Food Processors in India

Today we will talk about the top 5 best food processor in India. The food processor is a very important part of our kitchen. When you decide to buy a new food processor, you will be faced with the problem of choosing from the many types of food processors in the market today.

A lot of people often ask for the best food processor according to their needs. Each person has their own method of preparing foods. For instance, some like to make pasta and baked goods at home while others prefer to buy prepackaged products. Some like to make smoothies and others like to puree items. Also, each person has different preferences when it comes to using a processor.

Finding the Best Food Processor in India

Food processors come in many shapes and sizes. If you need to purchase one, but don’t know which one is right for you, this article is for you. In this article, we will try to answer the question: What is the best food processor? This will help you make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing your next kitchen appliance. In addition to this, we hope that by reading this article, you will be better prepared to find the best food processor that works best for you. Once you have made this decision, you should be ready to purchase the best one that fits into your budget.

Following are the best food processors in the Indian online market.

Top 5 Best Food Processors in India – Reviews

1: Rico FF Food Processor, 400W

Rico is a top-selling brand and it is known to produce the best food processor in India. Rico FF Food Processor can help you with a variety of tasks. With ease, chop, slice, and shred all of your vegetables and other food products. You can make exquisite batters and purees, as well as whip cream for cakes and pastries. Additionally, the slicing, chopping, kneading, and shredding blades come detachable from this food processor, allowing you to dice and cut veggies. You can also use a citrus juicer to make fruit and vegetable juices for your family.

This Rico Food Processor features a long-lasting 400-watt copper motor that gives you the power and control you need to make all of your favorite recipes. Rico’s all-in-one food processor can assist in the kneading of Aata. chopping onions, blending soups and smoothies, whipping creams for cakes and pastries, making delectable batters and purees, shredding, slicing, and grating veggies, and easily squeezing healthy juice

  • All in one food processor
  • 2-speed setting pulse
  • Powerful 400 watts copper motor
  • The unbreakable food processing bowl
  • 800 ml capacity
  • detachable sharp chopping blades
  • Not suitable for long and heavy use

2: Morphy Richards Icon 1000-Watt Food Processor

When you need precision, speed, and power in the kitchen, reach for this masculine, square-shaped Morphy Richards Icon Food Processor, which provides all of these things and more, with a variety of capabilities that neither your hands, knives, or standard blender can equal. As a result, you’ll save more than 90% of your preparation time. This food processor is quick at slicing hard fruits and vegetables to the appropriate uniform thickness, chopping, shredding, or grating them, kneading dough, whisking and mixing eggs and cooled milkshakes, and even juicing fruits.

  • Good Quality and Stylish design
  • Slicing depth adjustment
  • Extra durable
  • High torque motor
  • Bit expensive in the segment

3: Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor

This food processor is great for grinding, juicing, and the Bajaj FX11 food processor will improve your culinary experience. This multi-functional kitchen device will save you time and effort by assisting you with all of the time-consuming and laborious activities. With the Bajaj Fx11 Food Factory Food Processor, you can enjoy convenient cooking like never before. It not only makes cooking simple, but it also produces healthy and flavorful foods in minutes.

kneading atta. It includes a set of unbreakable polycarbonate processing jars with a lid. You have complete control over the performance with the 3-speed control options. The powerful 600-watt motor spins at 18000 revolutions per minute, making it a versatile food processor. Its interlocking design keeps spills at bay while simultaneously shielding you from harm.

  • Interlocking System
  • Spatula for easy removal of blades
  • High durability & long lasting usage
  • Multi-functional design
  • Stainless steel & Polycarbonate jars
  • Quick and spill free food preparation
  • Not suitable for heavy use

4: Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt with Blender

If you enjoy cooking, you understand the pleasure of sharing a meal with individuals you care about. With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, this isn’t always easy to achieve. INALSA INOX 1000W food processor takes food preparation to a whole new level of simplicity and efficiency. INALSA INOX 1000 handles everything from slicing to grating to mashing and pureeing. With the addition of multi-functional attachments, your machine becomes more than simply a food processor; it transforms you into a home chef. Increasing your ability to make your own soups, smoothies, baby foods, sauces, dips, and much more.

With an INALSA INOX 1000W food processor, the possibilities are unlimited. This device is easy to use, efficient, durable, and adaptable. Food preparation has never been easier because of its 1000 Watt pure copper motor. It regulates the amount of power needed for whatever task you’ve given your food processor.

  • Chutney grinder jar
  • 5 functional SS disc blades
  • Citrus juicer
  • Superior Quality
  • Easily to clean
  • Wide Feeder Tube
  • Motor OFF automatically
  • Not much suitable for dough making

5: Usha FP 3810 Food Processor

The UshaFP 3810 is a high-end 1000W food processor model with top-notch performance. Usha’s food processor contains a 100% copper motor that allows for fast and efficient food processing. It includes an impact-resistant jar, two stainless steel jars, and one food-processing dish. The jars have reversible stainless steel blades that are easy to clean. Coarsely shred, finely shred, grate french fries, knead atta, and more with these blades. The processor has three-speed options as well as a pulse, making it simple to manage the speed.

  • Full SS reversible blades
  • 1000 W for Powerful Performance
  • Centrifugal Juicing Attachments
  • 3 Speed Setting Pulse
  • 2 Stainless Steel Jars
  • Easy to clean
  • Skillful handling needed

The Best Food Processor Buyer Guide

Well, if you are planning to buy a good food processor of your own, you need to know the important criteria for selection. Before you decide to buy anything, you must do some research on what you want and how much money you can spend on that. Here, we have listed important points that you should consider while buying the best processor in India.

  • Price and features: You should check out all good brands in the market based on their performance and price. According to the features and the price you have to decide the specific functions like chopping, slicing, grinding, etc. The advantages of having manual food processors are that you can control their speed and also control their depth.
  • The sharpness of blades: You should check the cutting blades. They are the main part of the machine and the sharpening of them is very important to give you the perfect result. There are several types of blades like the diamond blade, serrated blade, knife-edge, circular blade, and flat blade. The blades must be razor-sharp in order to chop, slice, and grate the vegetables accurately. The stainless steel blades are S-shaped and stay sharp for a long period. Plastic blades are also available, which are long-lasting and simple to maintain.
  • Available space and food processor size: You should buy one with a compact design so that you can easily handle it without any hassle. It should not be too big to create a mess inside your kitchen. The Compact Design Foods Processors have got several advantages like they are lightweight and quite handy. They come with a long guarantee period and they are economical as well. Also, they have a durable body with a non-slip feature and stainless-steel blades.¬†Food processing bowls come in a variety of sizes. Choose a size based on the number of people you’ll be cooking for and the dishes you’ll be making.
  • Powerful motor: The motor power of a food processor is critical. A powerful motor capable of kneading stiff dough, shredding cheese/meat, and chopping vegetables are required. A strong motor is long-lasting and resistant to wear. They don’t make any noise either.
  • Supporting accessories: Different accessories are available for food processors. The most common attachments are S-shaped blades and slicing discs. Some processors include attachments for whipping, whisking, and slicing discs of various thicknesses. Atha kneaders, coconut scrapers, and citrus juicers are also available.
  • Feeder tube size: A feed tube and a plunger are included in the processing bowl’s lid. Small feeding tubes are included in some food processors, while wide tubes are included in others. Larger ingredients can be sent via a broad tube without having to be chopped first.
  • Safety features: Injury and spill prevention are aided by a locking mechanism. This feature prevents the food processors from turning on until the jar is securely in position and all lids are in place. Some processors have jars that are leak-proof. Splashing and spills are prevented by rubber gaskets around the lids.

How to Clean Food Processors

Best food processors come with a cleaning guide that consists of detailed instructions for maintaining your appliances. If you can follow these basic steps then your food processor will perform perfectly and you can use it for several years without any problem.

  1. Food processors are made up of multiple parts, and you’ll need to remove the top, the pusher unit, the blade, and the bowl from the motor. Food particles can lurk in any of these places, and you’ll need to separate everything to clean your food processor. Set aside the blades. The first thing to remember is to know which sections of the machine may be cleaned with water. The container, lids, and blades are usually washable. You can also clean the food chute if your appliance has one. Do not clean any of the appliance’s electric components. However, spilled food can be wiped away from the electric parts using a dry kitchen towel.
  2. The blade should be washed first, right after usage. Any moisture from the ingredients or soaking might dull the blade, thus this will help keep it sharp. It will be easier to rinse these off right after usage. Scrub it carefully with a little soap and a sponge pad carefully. So that there is no moisture that can cause rust, dry the blade with a dry microfiber cloth.
  3. The food processor’s replaceable parts can be washed in warm water with mild dish soap. If you don’t want to wash them right away, you can soak them for a while. Abrasive cleaners like ash, quartz, marble, and silica should not be used on these parts.
  4. Wipe down the base/motor area with a cleaning sponge or a microfiber cloth. Do not merge it in water or pour water on it. Usually, all that is required is a quick wipe down. You can use a soap solution or a baking soda paste to remove high stains.
  5. The components of the processor should be fully dry. Reassemble it carefully as shown in the food processor manual.

And there you go. Your food processor is ready for the next kitchen venture.

Advantages of a Food Processor

There are many other advantages of having a food processor like they are easy to use and maintain, you can prepare any type of recipe, grind herbs, mix ground spices, and much more. A food processor is appropriate for solid items that require more labor-intensive processing, such as chopping and slicing.

However, all these advantages come with a disadvantage. These are the speed of the processor, the storage space of the processor, the cleanliness of the bowl, and the cutting blades. If you want to enjoy these advantages at their best, you must choose the right food processor with all the right accessories.


The most important thing when searching for a new food processor is to decide what you are looking for. By deciding what you want, you can narrow down your search considerably. There are many different categories when it comes to choosing a food processor, including manual, automated, and robotic. Manual processors are the easiest to use since they require no electricity. However, they also require manual input and output. If you are not a kitchen pro, automated food processors are probably the best food processors, as they perform several functions such as mixing, kneading, chopping, and blending.

With reference to this, you can also check our article on the best mixer grinders for home use.

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