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Water heaters are in great demand, especially in the winter season. Again, in the northern states of India, the temperature keeps dropping significantly during the morning time throughout the year. There are various brands of best geyser water heaters available in the online market.

Significant names include Bajaj, Havells, Crompton, Activa, Lifelong, etc. However, looking at the price-feature-review model, we have shortlisted India’s 5 best geyser water heaters.

Usually, there are two types of water geysers/heaters: Electric Geysers and Gas Geysers. Electric water heater technology has offered many different features and benefits to customers. Electric geysers below 3 litres are quick in heating water. On the other hand, Gas geysers are best suited for large storage capacities.

Things to consider before buying a Water Heater

You should primarily look into the following aspects before buying a water heater.

Electric or Gas Geyser: Decide whether you want to go with an Electric or Gas Geyser. Electric Gas Geysers are comparatively slower in heating water, but instant heating models are available for small capacities and can be conveniently used in most cities of India.

Capacity requirement: Decide the capacity requirement. Most popular water heaters are available between 1 litre to 6 litres. 3 litres water heaters provide instant heating and are suitable for small requirements like shaving, bath, and kitchen tasks. Beyond 3 litres, they have termed storage heaters.

Feasibility of space: Carefully decide the area for installing the water geyser. Usually, heaters are installed in bathrooms, so there is already limited space available. There are brackets and stand assemblies available in the market for better fitting water heaters to the bathroom walls.

Cost and Features: The cost will rise with advanced features and larger capacities. But the most important feature an electric water heater or geyser should provide is an Auto-cutoff system. Geysers should be able to deliver optimum performance throughout the life span. They should consume less power and be able to deliver a high heating rate.

Brand and Reliability: This is certainly an important aspect because the reliability of the appliance is directly linked to the brand’s reputation. Always choose a brand that is well-established and wide enough to deliver sufficiently good after-sales services.

Best Geyser Water Heater in India

A water heater adds great value for money to your home. Showering at the start and end of the day makes your life much more comfortable and easygoing. The hot water bath helps you to be cool and energetic throughout your day. Here is the list of the 5 best water heaters in India.

Best Water Heater Reviews

1. Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater, 3 Litre

Crompton Greaves provides a water heater that will allow you to maintain a continuous hot water supply. The geyser is constructed from high-quality materials, which allow the geyser to heat the water faster.

This product is sold in 1-litre and 3-litre varieties. It is ideally suited for all your heating needs. It is designed to provide a modern look to your bathroom. It is dimensions 350 x 210 x 210 mm and weighs around 3.5 kg. The heater is made from high-quality copper, which heats the water faster.

The container’s body is constructed using steel that retains heat to perform more efficiently. The tank is designed to prevent water from backflowing, preventing it from damaging the element and the tank.

The tank is designed to prevent water from backflowing, preventing it from damaging the element and the tank. It gives dual safety with an adjustable thermostat, a preset cutoff temperature, and a reset knob. It is designed to remain protected from sudden power interruptions and voltage fluctuations.


  • Capacity: 3 litres, Power: 3000 watts
  • Stainless steel weldless Tank for corrosion-free long life, rust-free ABS body
  • 6.5 bar pressure suitable for high-rise buildings, Vertical: Suitable for large wall spaces
  • Advanced 4-level safety, multifunctional safety valve
  • Special-type copper heating element led indicators to indicate the functioning of the geyser

2. Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater, 3 Litre

(best water heater for small families)

The water heater comes in sizes of 1L and 3L. It has got a fireproof cable. Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic external body. It contains an efficient heating element for longer life and delivers quick access to hot water. Its glow-in-the-dark neon indicator for the ‘power on’ and ‘heating’ feature makes it versatile and suitable for use during the dark ambience. It is capable of delivering optimum pressure at high-rise buildings. This is an ISI-certified product.

Flora Bajaj has a stylish look and sleek design that will add a modern look to your bathroom. It is comparatively economical in the segment. It has multiple safety features, like protection against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure. The fire retardant cable helps to resist the spread of fire. The thermoplastic outer body adds more to this water heater’s excellent functioning and life.


  • Type : Instant; Capacity : 3 Litres; Wattage : 3000 Watts; Pressure : 6.5 Bars
  • Inner Tank Material: SS 304; Outer Body Material: ABS
  • High-pressure withstanding enables use in high-rise buildings; outer body material- prevents rusting and corrosion
  • Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure
  • Neon Indicator for power on & heating function

3. Havells Instanio Instant Geyser, 3-Litre, Best geyser water heater

It is a simple geyser that quickly heats water and puts that in a bucket. If you turn the tap off slowly and steadily, you can fill a bathtub with hot water in about 8 to 10 minutes. This is the best solution for a small family because of its compact design. It consumes less electricity. This product is ISI certified, and 2-year warranty is provided on the product. For the condenser, the warranty period is 5 years.


  • Capacity: 3 litres, Power: 3000 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz AC
  • LED Indicator: Colour-changing LEDs that change from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water
  • Outer Body: Rust and shockproof ABS outer body for long life. Inner Tank: Stainless steel inner tank of 304 grade
  • Power Cord: Fire retardant power cord for maximum safety.
  • 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure: Suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications
  • Heating element: Copper Heating element

4. Lifelong Flash Instant Water Heater, 3 Litre

It is a vertical mount instant geyser suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications. It has got indicators for power and heating. It also features an automatic shut-off and adjustable temperature knob for safety and control. This geyser has an ergonomic design with a rare combination of technology and style. The long-life heating element ensures you get hot water in no time. Its corrosion-proof thermoplastic external body adds more to durability.


  • 8 bar pressure rated: High pressure withstanding enabling use in high-rise buildings
  • The high density and thick PUF ensure the retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.
  • The thermoplastic outer body prevents rusting and corrosion
  • Neon indicator for power on and heating – gives the status of water heating and readiness
  • The thermostat and cut-out conform to international standards, ensuring enhanced safety.

5. ACTIVA Instant Anti Rust Coated Tank Geyser, 3 Litre

You will experience the utility of the premium quality water heater when you start using ACTIVA PREMIUM Instant 3 Litre Geyser. This awesome water heater has many features that guarantee you will get hot water no matter what you want. This heater is made of high-quality materials, so you can use it for a long time.


  • The special anti-rust coating on the tank and geyser save it from rust or corrosion. (for long-lasting life)
  • BIS approved ISI specification on an element to ensure a long-lasting life.
  • The extra heavy-duty element for extra heating and durability.
  • High-quality thermostat to prevent overheating.


By manufacturing the best water heaters, these wonderful brands of water heaters have made our lives more comfortable. More and more individuals are invariably interested in discovering cost-effective and smart-functioning geysers for the bathroom or kitchen.

Although they can explore unlimited water heaters, it takes time to choose the best one. We hope that this article will be helpful to you in finding the best water heater in India. If you like this article, browse our other articles on Kitchen Appliances and Home Essentials. Thanks..!!

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