Best Hand Blenders in India

Are you looking for the Best Hand Blenders in India to meet various kitchen needs like mixing, cutting, chopping, smashing, and beating, etc. Gone are the days when people were using hand blenders only to mix the butter. Now, with the latest and advanced features, hand blenders are introduced in the market with various operating features. and you can expect these advanced hand blenders to be great assistants while preparing food.

There is a variable speed controller that can be adjusted according to the texture of the food. However, the best hand blenders in India are available to complement your kitchen. You can use and wash the device without any trouble, and its detachable parts make the product multifunctional. You can make smoothies, juices, purees, cake batter, and soup as well.

What are some unique features of hand blenders?

Hand blenders are efficient in working. You can do your hourly work within minutes. You can do multiple tasks, and its constant operation won’t disappoint you any time. The whole product comes with a unique and sleek design to provide ease of use. You can wash the blender stem, and its energy consumption is minimal compared to other blending devices.

Does a hand blender is more effective than a juicer?

We must say electric hand blenders save your space and money. It’s a high-quality device that you could buy for your kitchen. You can chop the veggies to make perfect salsa, and some devices come with a chopper and a separate container. You can make smoothies, juices, and baby food. The variable speed would allow you to get quality work, and there would be no hassle in cleaning the product.

Best hand blenders in India

You must be confused when buying a hand blender. Many products in the market could divert your attention. Now, you can buy what is really essential for your kitchen.

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Let’s dig into it for a better assessment.

1. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender

Hand blenders are not common in households, but the Orpat hand blender has won people’s hearts due to its latest and advanced features. The product operates with heavy-duty 250 watts motor and comes with a 2-meter-long card. Hence, with a smooth and safe switch and sleek design, you will get the best outcome for your money.

The sharp stainless steel blades spin at a rate of 18000 revolutions per minute. This Orpat 250 watt Hand Blender is amazing for beating, smashing, crushing, and chopping the food. It is both quick and convenient to take care of all of your mixing needs. On the other hand, it conserves energy and aids in the reduction of your power cost. Its stylish shape provides you with a comfortable and secure grip when working with it. It has six different speed settings. Because of its small size, this Orpat hand blender may be placed in the wall and takes up very little room in your kitchen.


  • It’s effective from drink to sauces
  • Easier to clean and grip
  • Powerful and robust with 6-speed features
  • Stylish design with quick operation
  • Grinds and blend the smaller particles

  • You can easily control the product
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • High-quality and durable
  • Careful handling required

2. Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender

Philips is the name of reliability and compatibility. The device comes with a stainless steel rod and robust design. The product operates at 230 watts and is efficient for the hot and cold mixture. There are removable blades for whisking and whipping. Hence, it’s easy to clean and has a total length of 13 inches.

Furthermore, you can mount it on the wall. You have to use the product for 1 minute and then take a pause for the next rotation.


  • Facilitated with removable blades for whisking
  • Has powerful motor
  • Sports blending for 20 minutes
  • Unique body shape with easy cleaning
  • Single trigger press

  • Has two different blades
  • Can blend the tough ingredients
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Best hand blenders in India
  • Removeable blades
  • Not suitable for long time use in one go

3. Inalsa Robot Hand Blender

Inalsa is another famous brand to provides efficient electric appliances. One of them is a hand blender with multifunctional effects. Its steel rod and plastic body are durable to deal with every texture. It comes with dual speed, and you can manage to smash or crush the food according to your taste. The device is facilitated with a blade-shield design, and you can try nutritious and hygienic recipes for your family.

Thus, with an input power of 1000 watts, the product is more powerful, and you can deal with every texture. You can make a cake for any birthday party, and it won’t disappoint you.


  • 1000 watts hand blender with chopper
  • Light-weight design with elegant color
  • One-push technology
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It comes with detachable parts

  • You can hang the blender in the kitchen.
  • Provided with stainless steel foot to avoid direct contact
  • Convenient chopper bowl attachments
  • Variable speed control
  • Durable and affordable
  • You have to adjust the speed according to the texture of the food

4. Kent Hand Blender

Kent hand blender is fantastic with its versatile operations. It can operate with 400 watts motor, and its stainless steel shaft is detachable. You can adjust the speed according to your outcome. Hence, hot and cold food is no more trouble. You can manage to deal with every food texture. The speedy and quick action would smash and chop the food.

Moreover, you can make delicious recipes, and there is no effort in its cleaning. The device is one of the best hand blenders in India and can be used for multi-purpose.


  • Sleek design stainless steel hand blender
  • 400 watts motor with hot and cold blending
  • Variable speed controller
  • Low noise operation
  • Net weight is 685 grams

  • You can make milkshakes and baby food with ease
  • Saves your time and money
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Detachable parts with a sleek design
  • Durable and comprehensive
  • You have to manage the speed for various foods

5. Boss E111 Portable Hand Blender

Boss is not less than any brand when it comes to durability and compatibility. They have introduced their hand blender with the latest features. Hence, low noise and the multiple functioning is the excellent feature. You can hang the product in the kitchen after using it. The motor has 125 watts capacity, and you can adjust the speed at 12000 RPM.

It’s convenient to wash the device. You can simply remove the stem and rinse with water. Thus, you can detail your kitchen needs with this fantastic device and save time with its efficient working.


  • The sleek and contemporary style design
  • Portable blender to make shakes and purees
  • 3 stainless steel blades for slicing, cutting, and chopping
  • 2-speed operation
  • Wall mounting stand

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Super sharp blades
  • Compact and takes less space
  • Easy to clean
  • It needs a less maintenance
  • Expensive in the segment

6. Prestige PHB 5.0 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender

With the Prestige hand blender, you can make your kitchen work easier. Prestige hand blender makes whisking, chopping, churning, and mixing simple at the touch of a button. In addition, these hand blenders are the best in terms of performance, general quality, and ease of use.

For simple storage, this Bender comes with an extra blending jar and a wall hanger. When making exceptional meals, this kitchen friend comes in helpful. With this hand blender, you can quickly prepare and serve your favorite dishes. The body of the Blending Jar is transparent, with an optimum blade fitting form and liquid quantity measurement indications. It’s ideal for creating milkshakes, lassi, juices, purees, and other beverages more quickly than before.

A powerful motor with two speeds ensures maximum efficiency while only requiring 200 Watts of power. With a single press of a button, you can operate the blender swiftly, efficiently, and easily. It protects and covers the blade. Prevents splashing and fluids from entering shaft by preventing direct contact of vessel with the blade. It also contributes to the product’s extended lifespan. Prestige Hand Blender, you can now save time, make every preparation simple, and achieve flawless results every time!


  • Power – 200 Watts Motor, number of speed settings – 2
  • Operate the blender quickly, efficiently, and conveniently with a touch of a single button.
  • Blade Shield keeps the blade covered and safe
  • Handy and powerful, spring-loaded chopping blade
  • Comes with a blending jar and wall hook
  • Handy & Powerful
  • Blade shield for safety
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to clean and use
  • See through body blending jar
  • Not suitable for long time use in a go

7.  BLACK+DECKER BXBL6002IN Hand Blender

With the Black+Decker 600W Hand Blender, chopping and blending in the kitchen has never been easier! From whisking eggs for a fluffy omelet to slicing onions and other vegetables for a quick meal, there’s a lot to learn. This device features a trendy slim and smooth touch body, as well as a 700ml cup, wall rack, and a removable blender shaft for increased convenience. In the blink of an eye, make excellent smoothies in the 700ml measuring cup, which comes with a rubber mat.

The 600W Black+Decker Hand Blender is an all-rounder, catering to the majority of needs in any kitchen!

It comes with a high-quality multi-purpose stainless steel blade that is designed for long-term use, utility, and trouble-free operation. The Variable Speed Control allows you to select the best speed for the job at hand. Depending on the texture you want for your meal, you can adjust the speed to higher or lower levels. It’s just as simple to clean the 600W Hand Blender as it is to use it. It has a detachable stainless-steel shaft that makes cleaning as simple as whisking!

The 600W Hand Blender can effortlessly chop onions, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, and any other vegetable! It includes a big 500ml chopper cup that can hold more ingredients at once and provides a mess-free chopping experience with variable speed control. The Black+Decker 600W Hand Blender comes with a 700ml measuring cup that can store up to 2 glasses of smoothies, so you can drink them right away or keep some for later! It includes a wall rack attachment for enhanced convenience and trouble-free storage.


  • Power: 600 watts, operating voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Multi-purpose stainless steel blade for blending and pureeing
  • Removable blender shaft for easy cleaning, Durable and Sturdy Plastic Body
  • Variable speed control for different needs
  • Includes: Hand blender, instruction manual, chopper, whisk, cup, and wall rack
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • High-quality multi-purpose stainless steel blade
  • Detachable shaft for was cleaning
  • Useful attachments and accessories
  • Stylish slim and a smooth touch body
  • Variable speed control
  • Durable and Sturdy Plastic Body
  • Expensive in the segment
  • Bit heavy to operate

8. Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender

The Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender’s attractive and modern appearance adds an elegant touch to your kitchen. To save space, it can also be hung on the wall. Its slim shape allows it to work in a variety of vessels. With 400 Watts of power, the incredibly strong engine can combine and pulverize anything. This is a fantastic way to avoid having to buy food processors and blenders. It is capable of practically everything. It may be used for a variety of tasks, including breaking ice, cutting vegetables, creating smoothies, and mixing baby food.

The stainless steel handle ensures that the appliance will last for a long time. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty extension. The removable whisk makes it easier to beat eggs, whisk cream, and make fluffy batters, giving your food a touch of perfection. It includes detachable blades that may be replaced with the whisker or the chopper attachment.


  • Power: 400 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
  • Chopper and beaker attachments
  • 2-speed soft push button, Plastic shaft
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Includes: Hand blender, Chopper attachment, Measuring beaker, Instruction manual, Customer care list, and Guarantee card
  • Value for money
  • Big jar suitable or large families
  • Sufficiently long cord
  • Reliable and Efficient Hand Blender
  • Slim and ergonomic design
  • Strong and study plastic body
  • Tight buttons
  • Expensive in the segment

Buyer’s guide

Buying is not an easy job when it comes to buying an electric appliance of good quality. If we talk about the best hand blenders in India, you must have come across various products of the same sort. It can be challenging to make the right decision, and we would help you get the blender with excellent working skills. However, listed products are excellent in features and functions, and you can buy one of them without thinking for a second.

However, the choice is yours, and you must like to buy what should be better for you. The economical and comprehensive product could be fantastic. The blender with a sleek and durable design would serve you a long time.

Moreover, you could watch for some points of considerations. Let’s explore them together.

Material and durability

The hand blenders are available in stainless steel and plastic body material. You should buy the product with these features. The stainless steel is reliable, and there are no chances of damage for several years. If you are buying the product online, a steel body will be your best option for buying. The stem of most blenders is made with steel, and there are no chances of rust as well.

Energy consumption

The product consuming less energy is ideally good for the kitchen. You must watch for the device with low wattages, which could be better than the others consuming high voltages. Thus, it couldn’t make any difference to your home budget, and you can manage to use the product without any effort.

Price and warranty

The price is nothing if you watch the quality and working of the devices. The hand blenders with less cost are listed to please the users, and you don’t need to think a lot before buying these products. Thus, make your decision and grab one to accommodate your needs.

All hand blenders come with a valid warranty, and you can claim your product anytime within the mentioned warranty period. Hence, you will get fantastic customer service, and there would be no hassle in placing any query regarding your product.


To handle all of your cooking needs, a hand blender is a must-have device. If you have a nice hand blender, creating smoothies, blending meals, chopping vegetables, beating eggs, making protein drinks, and preparing quick foods becomes a breeze. When buying the best hand blender in India, you must watch for the features that could suit your needs. We have mentioned the best hand blenders in India with super-amazing and effortless working parts. You can buy one that could help you in making yummy recipes.

Now, you can please your family by cooking a healthy and nutritious meal. A hand blender will help you in making your work easy and quick. So, explore some recipes and use the hand blenders to meet your demands.

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