best slow juicer in India

Embarking on the journey of well-being and health in India begins with choosing the Best Slow Juicer. This essential kitchen equipment is more than just an appliance; it invests in your nutrition and overall health.

Operating via a masticating process at lower speeds, these slow juicers deliver juices packed with maximum nutritional value – a stark contrast to other juicing methods. They extract every drop of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from your fruits and vegetables, providing unparalleled juice quality.

As the wave of health consciousness surges across India, the slow juicer market has seen a remarkable expansion, with many models available from established and emerging brands. Let’s look closer at the standout features, efficiency, and value of the top players in the Indian slow juicer market.

Why cold-pressed juicers rather than others?

When it comes to juicing, the extraction method can significantly impact the quality and nutritional value of the juice. There are typically two main types of juicers: centrifugal and cold-pressed (also known as slow or masticating). Below are some compelling reasons why you might want to choose a cold-pressed juicer over others:

Higher Nutritional Value

Cold-pressed juicers operate slowly, typically around 80-100 RPM (revolutions per minute), minimizing heat production and oxidation during juicing. This slow operation:

  • Preserves Nutrients: The low heat preserves vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that can be destroyed in the high-speed friction process of a centrifugal juicer.
  • Reduces Oxidation: Oxidation can degrade nutrients and alter the taste of the juice. Cold-pressed juicers produce less oxidation, helping to maintain the quality of the juice.

Higher Juice Yield

The masticating process of a cold-pressed juicer involves crushing the produce and pressing it against a screen. This method:

  • Extracts More Juice: Cold-pressed juicers can extract more juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables than centrifugal juicers.
  • Handles Leafy Greens Better: They are also better at extracting juice from leafy greens and herbs, which can be challenging to juice in a centrifugal model.

Longer Shelf Life

The juice produced by a cold-pressed juicer has a longer shelf life than that of a centrifugal juicer. This is because:

  • Less Heat and Oxidation: As mentioned above, less heat and oxidation mean less degradation of the juice, so it stays fresh for longer.
  • Juice Separation: Juice from cold-pressed juicers tends to separate less quickly, maintaining a better texture and flavor.

Quiet Operation

Cold-pressed juicers are typically much quieter than centrifugal juicers. This is due to their slow operation speed.

While cold-pressed juicers may take a bit more time to extract juice and may come at a higher price point, they deliver superior juice quality in terms of nutritional value and yield. They are a great investment for anyone looking to make juicing a regular diet.

Are cold press slow juicers easy to clean?

Absolutely yes. It’s effortless to clean. Add 300 ml of water to a bowl and run the machine. The ease of cleaning is the best option to buy the product. You can get the nut milk and the smoothies without any trouble, and this multipurpose device is always there to provide you with the best meal options.

5 best slow juicers in India

It’s not easy to find a product that can fulfill your expectations. Thus, we have searched these 5 juicing devices to sort out your trouble. You can review the features and choose the one that could benefit you. Let’s have a look.

1. Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings is the number one brand to present the cold press juicer with fantastic features. If you like to drink juice with pulp, you must buy this product. It won’t disappoint you to squeeze the whole fruit with mashed pulp. The device operates with 240 watts and provides nutritious juice within minutes.

However, the device is designed to have a feeding tube and works with JMCS technology. There are a cleaning tool kit and a brush to clean the fiber 10 % more efficiently than other cold press juicers.


  • It uses raw materials to extract the juice.
  • Facilitated with a feeding tube and has 30 minutes of run time
  • Made with 100 % pure BPA-free material
  • Unique cleaning tool kit and Stainer pores
  • Its weight is 10.3 KG.
  • Extraction is sub-optimal
  • Effortless cleaning
  • JMCS technology
  • Stainless steel copper wound motor
  • Never use a wired brush to clean the product

2. AGARO – Juicer with Cold Press Technology

If you want to buy the best slow juicer in India, AGARO is the right product for you. The device extracts the fruit pulp and smashes it into juice. The product is easy to use, and you can assemble it effortlessly. Its feeding tube is 74 mm long and can comfortably squeeze the whole fruit. The best part is screw-shaped pulverizing agar to smash the fruit homogenously.

You can prepare juice, smoothies, and sorbet. The material is high-quality BPA-free, and you can use the device for a longer time.


  • Ensure the maximum extraction with cold-pressed technology
  • Provided with large feeding chute
  • Facilitated with reverse function to throw the pulp
  • BPA-free plastic for the safety of the family
  • Excellent to prepare sorbet, juices, and slushes
  • Provides the dense juice
  • You don’t need to chop the fruit
  • Smooth and effortless functioning
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and affordable
  • You have to separate the seeds before juicing

3. Bosch Lifestyle Cold Press Slow Juicer

Bosch has introduced this with gentle squeezing technology to operate at 60 rotations per minute. The product comes with 150 watts motor and has a low noise feature. Sometimes it gets difficult to get less pulp, but this juicer will allow you to adjust the settings, and you can squeeze the fruit according to your need.

Furthermore, you will get three filters to set the ratio of pulp in the juice. It’s easy to use and clean. You can use the cleaning brush for your comfort.


  • Dispenses healthy and rich juice
  • It’s quiet and effortless in operation
  • Best for all kind of fruits
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sorbet filter for a tasteful experience
  • It comes with fine filters for a healthy juice
  • Refreshing and innovative
  • You can make smoothies as well
  • Quick in action
  • Easy to wash
  • You have to change the lever according to the nature of the fruit

4. Balzano Cold Press Slow Juicer

Balzano is the famous brand to launch the cold-pressed juicer with the latest technologies. It works with 55 rotations per minute and extracts juice with vitamin and mineral flavors. Its anti-drip design is another good advantage for the users. Most juicers are not easy to clean, but our Balzano cold presser is easy to clean by pouring 300 ml of water into the device.

However, it’s the finest quality slow juicer in India that provides the essential nutrients. You can put the raw veggies and fruits in a tube and get the dense, yummy juice within minutes.


  • Best slow juicer in India
  • Squeeze the 95 % of fruits and veggies
  • Provided with juicemax technology
  • Can extracts milk from nuts
  • Plastic body with steel Stainer
  • It’s quiet and light-weight
  • Slowly compresses the fruits
  • Provides the crystal-clear juice
  • High-quality and affordable
  • Effortless operation
  • Cleaning is time-consuming

5. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia is multipurpose and made with high-quality plastic. Its Auger is comprising of Ultem plastic, and the bowl is of BPA-free plastic. Hence, its filters are quite efficient with a stainless steel body and stain the juice with ease. The product provides the maximum nutrients and vitamins to ensure your health.

There is a large feeding tube, and its cleaning is no more difficult. You can run the 300ml of water in a tube and get the clean juicer within 1 minute.


  • Squeeze out the juice due to the lowest pitch
  • 250 watts of the motor with 55 rotations per minute
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Laser-etched fine filter screen
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Long life and consistent performance
  • Cold presser juicer with gold-standard services
  • Quiet in operation with a feeding tube
  • BPA-free material
  • Expensive in the segment

Buyer’s guide on Cold Press Juicers

When buying the best slow juicer in India, you must watch for various things. The juicer is an essential part of any house, and buying one that could be the best outcome for your money is essential. The durable and compact product would last longer, and you need less maintenance.

Moreover, many factors could be better to watch before buying any juicer. Let us explain some of them to you.

Material and durability

The product should be made with high-quality BPA-free plastic material. You can manage to use the product with durability and compatibility. Hence, the juicer should be competent enough to squeeze the juice and make chilled smoothies within minutes. The ease of use is the first thing you could see before buying this device.

Energy consumption

When buying an electrical product, you should be curious to know about energy consumption. Buying a device that operates within fewer watts and won’t affect your electricity bill is best. The juicer with more wattages will consume more electricity, and we won’t recommend buying the product that could put you in trouble.

Ease of use

The juicer should be easy to use and effortless in cleaning. The listed products are ideal for cleaning. You have to add water to a bowl and run it for 1 minute. Easy cleaning and quick action must be your priority.

Moreover, you have to choose a product with low price and high-quality features. It’s a one-time investment, and we’re sure you don’t want to waste your money. That’s why we have listed some economic products that could be beneficial for longer life. You can buy what suits your needs and say thanks to us for giving you complete detail about slow cold-pressed juicer in India.


We have explained the best slow juicer in India to provide a quick overview of some fantastic juicing devices. Now, the choice is yours, and you can choose the one with excellent features and less price range. The less energy consumption and unique design make the products favorable for users. You can drink healthy, and fresh juice with 100 % squeezed pulp.

Make your morning refreshing and provide the nutritious and chilled drink to your family with full extraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slow juicer?

A slow juicer, also known as a masticating or cold press juicer, is a device that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by slowly crushing and squeezing them. This method minimizes heat and oxidation, helping to preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the juice.

What are the benefits of a slow juicer over a centrifugal juicer?

Slow juicers are more efficient at extracting juice, especially from leafy greens and soft fruits. They also produce less heat and oxidation, which helps maintain the juice’s nutritional value. The juice produced by a slow juicer also tends to have a longer shelf life.

Which is the best slow juicer brand in India?

There are several reputable brands available in India that produce high-quality slow juicers. Some of these include Hurom, Kuvings, Philips, and Usha. The best brand for you would depend on your specific needs and budget.

What should I look for when buying a slow juicer?

You should consider the speed (RPM), the size of the feeding chute, ease of cleaning, noise level, the durability of the juicer, and the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It’s also helpful to consider the types of products you’ll be juicing most often.

Are slow juicers easy to clean?

While slow juicers generally have more parts to clean than centrifugal juicers, many models are designed with easy cleaning in mind. Some parts may be dishwasher safe, while others require rinsing under the tap. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Can I juice all types of fruits and vegetables in a slow juicer?

Slow juicers can handle a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including hard produce like carrots and apples, soft fruits like oranges and tomatoes, and leafy greens like spinach and kale. However, cutting the produce into manageable pieces before juicing is always a good idea.

Is the juice from a slow juicer healthier?

Slow juicers minimize heat and oxidation during the juicing process, which helps preserve the juice’s nutritional content. Therefore, juices made from slow juicers are often considered healthier as they retain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Does a slow juicer take longer to juice than a regular juicer?

As the name suggests, slow juicers take longer to extract juice than centrifugal juicers. However, they are also more efficient and typically extract a higher juice yield from the same amount of produce.

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