7 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Kitchen

Here are some incredible tips and tricks for designing a beautiful kitchen. The interior and aesthetics have a vital role in making the kitchen smarter.
tips for designing a beautiful kitchen

This article primarily focuses on tips for designing a beautiful kitchen. Because the kitchen is where we satisfy our cravings and attain good health. It’s a fact that those who cook for themselves have significantly better health along with a healthy lifestyle. This is because when you’re in the kitchen, you know exactly what your body wants and in what quantity.

It is very important to design your kitchen to be as spacious and welcoming as attainable, and ensure it’s conducive not only for cooking, however, can even enable area for all of the exercises that are happening. Regardless of your good intentions, nonetheless, not all kitchen enhancement initiatives find yourself properly.


On getting your meal prepared by someone else, you might notice that it doesn’t completely satisfy your requirements or expectations, no matter how much instructions you might have given. I know how annoying it could be when you follow a particular food- routine, and it just doesn’t work out. Hence, based on my observation and studies, a meal is cooked to perfection when we prepare it ourselves. Format planning could also be a problem, or the selection of paint color, sort of cabinetry, and furnishings don’t match.

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Kitchen

The kitchen is not only about food; the interior and aesthetics have a significant impact as well. How about you have been working all day, giving the last drop of your sweat and blood at work, a little over-time thrice a week. Now that’s one hectic week. As the weekend approaches, you find yourself planning your weekend by simply staying indoor, prepping a pleasant, fulfilling meal. The weekend goes perfect until the moment you step into your kitchen, and the interior doesn’t appeal to you. It indeed is a no-no case, isn’t it?

Kitchen aesthetics is an essential factor motivating you to cook for yourself and spend quality-time while prepping your favorite meal. No one can cook it the way you do, right?

Why Kitchen aesthetics is Important?

Are there any tips for beautiful kitchen design? This question is an intriguing one. Exactly, kitchen aesthetics has a lot of power for a reason. Aesthetics can be defined as a connection of mind with beauty. It’s about how a mind reacts to beautiful things and what impact the beauty leaves on one’s mind.

Give a little thought; what happens when you see something or someone beautiful? It leaves you with a sort of eternal happiness and calms your mind. Beauty has the power to enlighten your mood instantly.

kitchen storage

Hence, the same goes for an aesthetically pleasing house and its architecture. Kitchen aesthetics make you enjoy the meal you’re preparing. A study shows that if a meal is made while you’re in high spirits, the taste gets a significant boost. Hence, eyes are drawn to beauty as a moth is drawn to the flame. Such is the connection, you see?

How to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing?

Alright, I explained the difference beauty could make in one’s life. Now is the time I take you into further depth. Let’s dive in, shall we?

To make a kitchen aesthetically pleasing, you need to follow a few points, and you can count yourself among kitchen aesthetics experts!

Which color to choose?

The kitchen is a space where you cook, and a place where countless emotions and memories occur. What could be more perfect than a balmy evening spent with family and a bunch of friends reminiscing old ol’ days *sigh*

The color theme is an essential part of kitchen aesthetics because colors can greatly affect your mood. Colors can be tricky as they have the power to make you feel certain things and emotions. Also, colors can conjure up memories as well. Has it appeared to you on looking a particular color, you can’t help yourself thinking about a past event related to it?

Like, watching a deep merlot color makes you think about the dress your “special one” wore the other day? Or simply observing the cyan blue color makes you recall summer skies and warm breeze. It’s all in the mind, you see.

White is the right color when you want to level-up your kitchen aesthetics. White color brings up classic old days, yet the modern look we all live for. White color has a calming effect on the mind. It gives an air of solemnity and cleanliness. Also, white color has the power of making a room appear wider and bigger.

The gray color theme brings a graceful look to your kitchen. If you want to indulge yourself in kitchen beautification completely, gray is the color for you. Gray is often paired with either vibrant color or lighter ones. Vibrant colors may include yellow or mustard tones, whereas lighter shades can be white, beige, or any basic neutral.

Blue, which makes your kitchen appear as widely stretched as the sky itself. Who wouldn’t want to be working in such a kitchen? Blue is often paired with white, beige, or brown.

The brown color makes the kitchen appear cozy. It makes you feel more comfortable and releases calming chemicals in your brain. Brown is the color which is paired with almost any color with quite an ease. Take brown with white, dark brown with beige, brown with blue, brown with yellow. Brown is a celeb!

Tips and Tricks for Designing a Beautiful Kitchen

Kitchen Counter

The kitchen counter should be your biggest concern when you’re all in for your kitchen design and beautification. Kitchen counters come with a wide range of styles, materials, and positioning. As much as it’s essential to choose the right counter, proper positioning has an equal share.

If you’re much focused on cooking rather than throwing parties now and again, try considering a moderate-sized counter that is positioned to run along the kitchen wall. Moderate sized long counter allows sufficiently well space for your kitchen gadgets. This positioning has nothing fancy, just the basic look.

However, if you want to go for a fancy look, consider having your kitchen counter positioned in the middle of the kitchen. It can have a washbasin, extra space to store in kitchen stock, and a large area at your side, which can help you lay your kitchen gadgets.

On the other side of the counter, stools can be placed, which can allow you to throw a perfect party! Now that’s what I call kitchen beautification.


Granite Kitchen Counter

For many years, granite has remained essentially the most trusted materials in putting in kitchen countertops. Among the many very many forms of kitchen counters, granite stays the right selection for most householders. It is obviously kitchen countertops where you spend most of your time, so these tips for designing a beautiful kitchen will focus upon the best features granite kitchen counter will offer.

Granite is each sturdy and aesthetically unmatched. You’ll find it in a beautiful vary of engaging pure colors. It’s a timeless stone that can stay in place for many years whereas not shedding form and worth. The limitless variety of colors permits you to select the most effective color that enhances different kitchen countertop supplies, flooring, cupboards, and partitions. Granite counters are extremely resistant and should not incline to scratches or warmth. It is usually immune to stains and different scorching liquids.

Granite counters require the least upkeep, in contrast to different choices. They may even go for ten years without a sealant. Any budget-conscious house owner would like a granite countertop. They continue to be intact therefore eliminating the necessity for pricey repairs. If you wish to save your cash on kitchen upkeep, then granite is the most effective guess for you.

It is a wonderful method of including worth to your property therefore attracting the eye of potential consumers for fast sale. It certainly modifies your property kitchen décor. It’s extremely polished and doesn’t fade with time. Being pure implies that it can’t degrade with time or have an effect on the well being of the occupants.

Marble Kitchen Counter

Other than granite, there’s one other wonderful possibility for you-marble counters. Marble is a metamorphic rock that types when limestone re-crystalizes. Marble comprises varied minerals that give it the various colors. The numerous textural designs and color choices make it a really ornamental stone. Because of this, it is a wonderful decision if you wish to rework the looks of your kitchen worktops and flooring. Marble kitchen worktops include many advantages. Amongst them are:

Kitchen marble worktops can rework the general attraction of your kitchen and improve its worth. Marble seems gentle and pure. The sample variations of its floor make it versatile. It conceals any indicators of damages therefore will stay new for many years. It is usually immune to scratches and spills. Kitchen marble worktops are perfect for tightly spaced kitchens that get scorching when cooking.

Marble counters are very snug and protected to work with particularly when touching the new stuff. Marble counters are simpler to keep up. All it’s essential to do is to wipe it with water and detergent, and it will get clear. Furthermore, in the event that they scratch with time, you may nonetheless restore them yourself or name for skilled service.

Kitchen marble design

The kitchen wall tiles design includes the non-other-than marble style. The kitchen marble design has always been in the market and has proved to be the most preferred choice throughout the years. Marble is something which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; however, the number of admirers hold an equal share.

The kitchen marble design has a wide range of marble suitable according to your need and desire.


Mostly, marbles are used on countertops. Following is the list of marbles that might match your taste.


Cararra is among the most frequently used marbles for kitchen countertops. Carrara marble comes from Italy or Tuscany. The color includes white in the tones of gray or blue.


Statuary is the same as Carrara, having originated from Tuscany. The only difference is that the Statuary countertop has a glossier, glittery finish. It adds up to your fancy kitchen marble design.


One of the most expensive marble countertop made up of Calacatta marble has the color gray with subtle hints of gold. To have such a countertop is considered a luxury. This, too, comes from Italy. This has proved to be the most beautiful and intricate kitchen marble design.

Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil marble has originated from Spain. It has a color tone of beige and yellow rather than raw white. Crema Marfil works best when paired with a dark color interior. This marble is also on the cheaper side if compared to the other marbles, yet not much affordable.

Kitchen cabinets and their positioning

Cabinets also add up the vital part of a kitchen if you’re the type of person who stocks away all the kitchen necessities and spices in the cabinet, the positioning matters.

They should either be placed underneath the counter or up against the wall for frequent use of cabinets. If the counter is positioned in the middle of the kitchen, cupboards and drawers can be underneath it. If the counter runs along the kitchen wall, the cabinets should be stuck against the walls.

It all depends on your needs and choices. If you want your kitchen beautification, add the vertically sliding cabinets underneath the counter. Fancy!

Product Recommendations:

Kitchen pantry

On the fancier side, a kitchen pantry isn’t something that everyone has in their house. For people who like to manage things efficiently and effectively, a kitchen pantry is what they make by paying extra.

The kitchen pantry is a moderately sized room with parallel and horizontal sections installed for you to stock all the spices and kitchen necessities. It helps you extra stock stuff for your cooking. Surely an excellent decision to go with if you can afford to level up your kitchen beautification.

The kitchen pantry can either be built inside the kitchen, separating with a glass door or outside the kitchen.

Kitchen walls

Kitchen walls have a lot to do with the entire architecture and outlook of the kitchen. Walls are as crucial as painting them with the right color could be. How do you want your kitchen walls to be? Plain ones? Or vertical panels at a certain distance? Or a dark-colored panel at the bottom?

Or you might want to add up tiles to your kitchen walls. Kitchen wall tiles design is another thing to consider when getting your kitchen customized.

Kitchen wall tiles design can be plain or fancy, vibrant or subtle, modern, or basic. Let’s get into detail.

Dark Tiles

Dark-colored tiles give you a modernized look. A basic looking kitchen with dark tiles can have a pricey effect even when you paid a pretty average amount. Dark tiles look excellent when you have positioned them on the kitchen wall in a square-shape panel.

Tiles all over the wall might give you a cheap look. However, with the same tiles, you can make a big difference by changing their placement. The kitchen wall tiles design is all about getting creative.

Two-tone tiles

If you’re willing to spend a little more time and energy to come up with a creative idea, go for a two-tone tile look. The two-tone tile look allows you to have a decent yet modern look to your kitchen. The color thee which works best for two-tone design includes beige with dark brown, deep merlot with chocolate brown, coral with light brown, aqua with tones of light and dark gray, or black and gray.

Such color combinations work best for two-tone kitchen wall tiles design. Give it a try!

Kitchen 3-D tiles

Now, it’s entirely possible for many not to have heard about 3D kitchen tiles. You might be wondering what a 3D tile is? Let me make it easy for you. A 3-dimensional tile is a type that gives a 3-dimensional illusion, making you think either it’s you or the world has gone insane.

Kitchen 3D tiles haven’t been in the market for too long. The concept of 3D is a recent one, probably a decade long. However, it’s not quite common to have 3D tiles in your kitchen. The reason is that not many people are a pan of 3D tiles. People often claim to get a headache by working in a 3D style kitchen for too long. I don’t blame them; think about walking on the floor with 3D ocean style tiles, and you can sometimes feel like you might drown. This real it can get.

Ocean Theme

Kitchen 3D tiles have a wide range of themes, one of which happens to oceanic. The kitchen floor looks similar to an ocean with tones of blue, grey, and white. The base is made glossier and smooth-finish to give you a real-ocean vibe. You would either want to swim in it or get rid of it.

Floral Theme

Kitchen 3D tiles can have a floral theme. Flowers are spread out evenly across the floor, cabinets, and countertop to give you a floral vibe. Big red roses might transform your kitchen into a garden. Who knows?

Fruit Theme

Pink berries popping out of your walls is another crazy theme from kitchen 3D tiles. Such a theme has color shades of pink and white. You either begin to crave for berries, or you end up getting frustrated by the look of it.

How about reading some books on kitchen design?

In these books available on Amazon, you will find many more great ideas and tips for designing a beautiful kitchen. Smart kitchen design demands perfection in almost every aspect of the kitchen, including kitchen decoration. countertop design, kitchen tiles selection for walls and floor, etc.

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After reading these tips for designing a beautiful kitchen, I’m sure you are able to develop a good understanding of kitchen aesthetics. Tiles, flooring, cabinets, pantry, countertops, and relative materials are all you need in order to build your dream kitchen design. Good luck!