5 Best Vegetable Choppers in India

Vegetable choppers are a great savior in the kitchen, as they allow us to safely chop fruits and vegetables without any hassle. This is a review article on the best vegetable choppers in India. Gone are the days when we prefer knives for cutting onions while crying continuously. Simply put them in the copper, close the lid and pull the string. You will get finely sliced and chopped onion within minutes. Also, make sure you pick up a set of these kitchen vegetable choppers, which make chopping veggies effortless.

Best vegetable Choppers in India

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper with 3 Blades

The Pigeon New Handy Chopper makes it easy to cut over all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Featuring three hard stainless steel blades and a special string pattern, this tool can efficiently chop and cut vegetables effortlessly. By chopping fresh fruits or vegetables into medium size, you can get equally sliced fruits and vegetables for greens, fruits, salads, and other food purposes.  The easy-to-use operation requires you to pull the string, which in turn initiates the chopping operation.


  • Designed with unbreakable ABS which enables long-lasting superior performance.
  • Sturdy 3-blade design made from Stainless Steel to ensure clean and hassle-free cutting of fruits and vegetables with minimal effort
  • The food-grade BPA plastic is safe to use for chopping vegetables and fruits.
  • Can be opened and detached easily, cleaning is an easy task using lukewarm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth
  • The simple and unique design and easy to use
  • Unique string function to chop vegetables and fruits with ease
  • Eco-friendly design, no electricity required, convenient and easy Handling

2. Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter

This is the best vegetable chopper by Prestige. It provides a seamless and simple method for cutting vegetables and fruits. The chopper is smartly designed to allow you to chop a wide range of things such as apples, onions, nuts, nuts, cheese, and so on. That is very handy because you can use it to chop cooked meat and fish with equal ease. Rather than using a bigger knife than required, it’s simple hand crank operation lets you cut down on energy bills and offers a clever way of chopping food.


  • Made from high-quality plastic for regular use
  • Operates without electricity. Just pull of a handle, it chops veggies and fruits effortlessly.
  • Sharp & Efficient Blade, Chop vegetables in fine sizes or medium pieces
  • It comes with an ergonomic design with easy to use handle to ensure convenience and beautify its overall look.
  • Ideal for cutting and chopping food items like onions, fruits, herbs, cheese, nuts as well as cooked meats and fishes