Best Kitchen Chimneys in India: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

best kitchen chimney

Chimneys are essential for eliminating the suffocation from the kitchen. The best chimney for the Indian kitchen has all the features that an Indian kitchen needs. It needs high suction capacity and automatic cleaning of itself.


The chimney is an upgraded version of the exhaust fan but with more advancement and technology. A kitchen is a place where all the food is made and makes the food it requires a stove. While making the food in the kitchen, the kitchen gets heated and smoky. So, to take out all the heat, a chimney is used. A chimney is placed above the stove that sucks all the heat, fumes, and steam from the kitchen. 

Which is the best chimney brand in India

The best chimney for the kitchen is the one that takes lesser time to take all the steam out. Other names of the chimney are exhaust hood, cooker hood, and extractor hood. You should consider various things like chimney filter types, size, design, suction capacity, etc before buying it. Here we are providing an in-depth review of the best chimney brand in India.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

1) Elica 60 cm 880 m3/hr Chimney

No one can make the food in the heating temperature of the kitchen. The heat, smoke, and fumes do not allow a person to stand in a heated kitchen environment. The chimney is a lifesaver for many people. Chimney can extract all the heat or other fumes from the air. Elica is the best chimney for the Indian kitchen.


  • Elica strip CF60 has a pyramid shape design that gives an elegant look to your kitchen. It has a compact and classic design, which makes installation in the kitchen.
  • It has an LED lamp that gives light to the cooking area.
  • The chimney has cassette filters which have layered metal filters whose function is to purify.


  • The max airflow of the chimney is 880m^3/hr.
  • It has a push-button control panel, which allows you to access the device easily. It gives a stylish look to the chimney.
  • The chimney consumes less power than 230watts. So, it is a must appliance for a kitchen.
  • The dimension of the chimney is 59.2×21.5×48.5 cm.

  • Low power consumption
  • Push-button
  • Easy to use
  • High capacity suction
  • No filterless technology

2) KUTCHINA 60cm chimney, 3rd Gen Auto Clean Chimney

Kutchina offers a wide range of kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories such as hobs, chimneys, cooking range, microwave, oven, dishwasher, induction cooktop, mixer grinder, etc for your kitchen. When it comes to Chimney, Kutchina is the best chimney brand in India. In our kitchen, we cook a lot of grilling and frying food, which emits many aromas and fumes. Chimney has a very high suction capacity in comparison to the exhaust fan. The chimney is placed over the stove to suck the entire aroma and the fumes rapidly.


  • The chimney has the 3rd generation auto-clean feature that enables chimney cleaning with just a touch away.
  • The auto cleaning feature removes the oil particles collected in the chimney to separate oil from a different collector.
  • It has an incandescent lamp that helps ease while cooking.
  • The chimney has filterless technology with the new technology and suction power. The chimney gives a charming look to your kitchen.
  • It has a push interface that gives a simple control of the chimney and a chimney’s decent look.


  • The motor inside the chimney is in 100% copper winding. The sturdy machine is made with alloy and metal; it gives durability and the last longing of the chimney.
  • The chimney has an elegant design that enhances the look of your kitchen.
  • The suction capacity is very high, which keeps the kitchen new and clean.
  • The dimension of the product is 60x48x8.5cm, weighing 7 kilograms.

  • Elegant design
  • Incandescent lamp
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Filterless technology
  • 3rd gen auto clean
  • Irremovable filter

3) Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

Indian kitchen is full of heat, fumes, and aroma because Indian food takes a lot of frying, grilling, etc. Indian food is full of spices and a strong aroma, which spreads around the kitchen in no time. Eurodomo is the best chimney and hob in India. The chimney that sucks all the aroma and heat as quickly as possible is the Indian kitchen’s best chimney.


  • The chimney has an elegant aesthetic design that helps ensure smoke free-cooking.
  • It has a stainless steel baffle filter, which helps in dragging down all oil, smoke, and residue particles from the air.
  • Eurodomo chimney has heat auto clean technology that cleans the chimney at one touch. The heat auto clean technology gathers all oil particles and collects them in a separate oil collectors.
  • The chimney has 2 LED light that makes the cooking experience more visible.


  • The chimney has a touch control panel with a digital display, which makes the chimney look futuristic.
  • The suction capacity is 1200 m^3, which makes the smoke and dust-free surroundings.
  • The filter surface area is 52×30 cm sq.
  • The dimension of the product is 60x60x48 cm.

  • Auto heat technology
  • Stainless steel baffle filter
  • High suction capacity
  • Touch and digital panel
  • No filterless technology

4) Prestige 90cm 1200m3/HR Auto-Clean Angular Kitchen Chimney

People want their kitchen to look elegant and stylish. Chimneys are in different designs and sizes. The angular chimney is a unique design that gives a modern look to the kitchen. Prestige is the best chimney brand in India that has angular chimneys. Indian food has a lot of oil and fumes in it. Chimney sucks all the fumes and collects all the oil separately, which keeps the air purifier.


  • The chimney has 1200m3/hr. Suction power that keeps the kitchen in a clean and refreshing atmosphere.
  • It has a 3-speed control feature, giving the user the right to control the suction speed.
  • The prestige chimney comes with a motion sensor that changes the function w.r.t the movements of the hands.
  • The chimney comes with heat-resistant tempered glass that protects the glass from breaking due to heat.
  • The chimney has an SS body with a brushed steel body that enhances the aesthetics of the kitchen.


  • The chimney has a baffle filter and SS oil collector that keeps the kitchen clean and refreshing.
  • The size of the product is 90cm.
  • It has an Auto-clean feature.
  • Its dimension is 90x54x51 cm

  • High suction power
  • Auto cleaner
  • Oil collector
  • Heat resistant tempered glass
  • Occupies much space

5) Faber 60cm 200m3/HR Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

Mothers or sisters mainly do food and cooking in India. They spend most of the day making food for their family. A kitchen is a place where heat is mandatory, and in this hot weather, it makes it impossible to work. So, the chimney helps to purify and keep the temperature low by extracting all the heat, steam, fumes, and aroma. Chimney makes the females do their work without any suffocation. Faber is the best chimney for the Indian kitchen.


  • The chimney’s suction power is 800 m3/hr, which helps to cook the food easily and peacefully.
  • It comes with a high-grade stainless steel baffle filter, which helps to suck the smoke and residue particles.
  • The chimney has 2 LED lamps, which have less power consumption and has the perfect light energy.
  • Three-speed controls are also a feature of this chimney, which allows controlling the speed of the motor.
  • The chimney’s noise level is very negligible in that it gives you a calm environment in your kitchen.


  • Faber hoods have a powerful motor for efficient suction capacity.
  • It is available in black color.
  • It has Baffle filters, which is best for the Indian kitchen.
  • The dimensions are 30x60x50cm.

  • Three-speed control
  • Baffle filters
  • High suction power
  • Less noise level
  • Powerful motor
  • No digital display

6) V-Guard M10 60cm, 650m3/hr Electric Kitchen Chimney

The chimneys are every day and every time functional appliances in the kitchen. It is the most essential and most usable appliance while cooking. Chimneys are manufactured a lot, and many competitors are making them. V-Guard Electric Kitchen Chimney is the best chimney in India by its features and budget.


  • The compact and elegant design of the chimney makes the look of the kitchen beautiful. Its shiny black finish makes the look very elegant.
  • It has powerful suction with a wide suction chamber of 60-65cm. The suction capacity is 650m3/hr.
  • It is designed for Indian cooking with a three-speed setting of the suction according to the need.
  • It has five layers of mesh filter made from high-grade aluminum. It protected the motor and the fan inside.
  • It has two efficient LED lamps that make the cooking experience more visible.


  • The efficient and long-lasting copper windings on the motor and flame-retardant plastic increase the chimney’s lifespan and durability.
  • It is easy to operate with push buttons, allows you to control the power according to drilling and deep-frying.

  • LED lamps
  • 3-speed control
  • Copper windings
  • High suction power
  • No baffle filter

7) Inalsa 60cm 1250m3/hr Filterless Motion Sensor, Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

India has very hot weather in most places, and cooking or being in the kitchen is not easy in these hot weathers. Chimney makes it easy to work in the kitchen by sucking all the kitchen’s heat and fumes. People sneeze due to the food; the chimney extracts the aroma from the air. Inalsa is one of the best chimney brands in India.


  • It has a high suction power of 1250m3/hour that easily eliminates harmful pollutants, odors, and grease.
  • It has filter-less technology of high-quality baffle filters to capture the grease and cooking odors.
  • It has auto-clean technology that cleans the chimney at one touch.
  • Chimney has a motion sensor feature of detecting the movement of the hands of the function accordingly.
  • It has 2 watt LED lights, which light up the cooking area.


  • The chimney is pyramid-style with side wall mounted.
  • The chimney is touch-controlled.
  • Two-speed option of the chimney power.
  • The dimensions of the product are 61.5×48.5x52cm.

  • Filterless technology
  • 1250m3/hr suction capacity
  • Auto clean
  • Irremovable filter

8) Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

Chimneys are very useful for cookers at home or in any office. India has various varieties of foods; it takes a lot of processes and actions to make one. In India’s hot weather, mothers, sisters, or cookers in restaurants or offices need the chimneys to work. Seavy is one of the best chimneys for the kitchen.


  • The chimney has heat auto clean technology that keeps the chimney clean from the grease and sticky oil after regular usage.
  • It collects the oil in a separate container.
  • It has a soft-touch panel, enabling the control of the suction speed, lights, auto cleaning, and chimney power.
  • The chimney has a motion sensor, which enables easy operation by waving the hand. Wave the hand towards tight to turn on the chimney and wave the hand towards the left to turn off the chimney.
  • The chimney has premium features and aesthetic looks that make the kitchen look elegant.
  • It has stainless steel baffle filters. It improves the airflow and draining of the impurities.
  • The body of the chimney is also stainless steel.


  • The chimney has a High suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr. That makes the kitchen free from smell, grime, and smoke.
  • The size of the chimney is 60 cm.
  • The weight of the chimney is 17kg 200g.
  • The chimney has 2 LED lights that increase the visibility and focus of the stove.

  • High suction capacity
  • Motion sensor
  • Baffle filters
  • No digital display

Top-rated Best Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney in India under 15000

Best chimney for the Indian kitchen..!

For Indian Kitchen, where people cook food that takes a lot of frying and grilling. And the kitchen is often full of heat, fumes, and aroma. Weaver recommends a kitchen chimney with higher air suction capacity. For frequent cooking, the range should be between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr, depending on the size of your kitchen. The chimneys with a long hose have generally more suction power.

Kitchens are made to bring families together.


Cooking takes around an hour, and if you cook twice a day, the chimney will be utilized for two hours each day. The motor, on the other hand, comes to a halt when it detects smoke. Most individuals do not light the kitchen chimney when they begin cooking. When there’s a faint stench of smoke in the house, most people turn on the lights. Restaurants must continue to use kitchen chimneys, and on a busy day, they will most likely be cooking for 8 to 10 hours. Given that a commercial-grade kitchen chimney is utilized for 8 hours per day, the amount of electricity consumed is significant. For such heavy use, good brand Kitchen Chimneys are highly effective.


Indian culture is full of different varieties of foods and snacks, and to make them, people use kitchens. Kitchens are nearer to hell if the exhaust system is not installed. A chimney is used to make the atmosphere of the kitchen clean and cools. Chimney sucks all the odor, steam, and fumes from the air. People want the best chimney for the kitchen w.r.t features, price, and style of the chimney.

The best chimney is one, which has a high suction capacity, variable speed control modes, and an auto-cleaning system. It also helps in maintaining high-quality safety in the kitchen. If you have gone through the complete review, you have got all your answers for sure.


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